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How to make cold brew coffee with finely ground coffee

Making Cold Brew Coffee

By AllenPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In coffee shops, there are generally three ways to make iced coffee: adding ice cubes directly to brewed hot coffee is the most common way to make iced coffee. The other two are ice drip coffee and cold brew coffee.

Ice drip coffee: It belongs to "filter coffee". It is a kind of coffee that is extracted by dripping "one or several drops" of room temperature water or ice water mixture onto coffee powder, which usually takes 6-12 hours. Cold brew coffee: It belongs to "immersion coffee". Put the ground coffee powder into a cold brew cup filled with room temperature water and soak it together. After 15 minutes of extraction, filter it to get the coffee liquid. The ratio of coffee powder to water is the main factor affecting the taste of cold brew coffee. So how to grasp the ratio when making cold brew coffee?

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is also called cold brew coffee, ice brew coffee, and cold brew coffee. It is to put the ground coffee powder directly into room temperature water, extract it by soaking it for more than 12 hours, and then filter the coffee liquid. Some people also use a mixture of ice water to soak the coffee powder, and then the time can even be extended to 48 hours.

The ratio of cold brew coffee

Important production parameters that affect the taste of cold brew coffee are ratio, grinding degree, roasting degree, and extraction time. Regardless of the degree of roasting of coffee beans, the recommended ratio is between 1:12-1:16. If you want it to be stronger, you can also reduce it to between 1:10, but the taste is too strong and most people can't accept it.

Here is also a cold brew coffee method with a high tolerance rate:

1. Ratio: between 1:12 and 1:16.

2. Grinding degree: like white sugar particles.

3. Extraction time: 15 minutes.

How to make cold brew coffee

The method of cold brew coffee is quite simple. You just need to add coffee powder and water to the cold brewing device and soak it.

Cold brew coffee extraction strategy

Cold brew coffee equipment: ITEHIL electric cold brew coffee cup

Coffee beans: 50g

Coffee water volume: 450ml

Extraction time: 15 minutes

Cold brew coffee-making method

1. Grind coffee beans and put them in the filter barrel

Grind 50g coffee powder into the coarseness of white sugar particles, and then put it steadily into the cold brew coffee cup

2. Add 450ml room temperature water

You can shake it slightly to ensure the flatness of the coffee powder. Let it stand for 15 minutes at room temperature to complete the extraction, and then put it in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours before drinking.

Cold brew coffee made with a ratio of 1:12 or 1:16 does not need to be adjusted by adding water later, and the original flavor of coffee beans can be tasted. Cold brew coffee is recommended to use light and medium roasted coffee beans so that it is easier to feel the unique acidity and sweetness of light and medium roasted coffee beans.

If the taste is not suitable, you can add some lemon to increase the acidity of the coffee; add some honey to neutralize the acidity and bitterness of the coffee; you can also add a small amount of iced milk to feel the charm of "iced latte".

How to Choose a Cold Brew Coffee Cup?

I have used many brands of coffee cups, and finally, I feel that the ITEHIL electric cold brew coffee cup is very good. It is portable and lightweight and can be used anytime, anywhere. It is very suitable for any place. It uses advanced vacuum extraction and powerful pumps to provide an all-in-one cold brew coffee solution, and no hot extraction + cooling is required, and the 15-minute cold brew cycle.

At the same time, the cup is made of baby-safe Tritan material, and the lid is made of environmentally friendly ABS+PC material, both of which are BPA-free, very suitable for daily use, and easy to clean and maintain.

Therefore, choosing the ITEHIL electric cold brew coffee cup will not let you down, it allows you to enjoy cold brew coffee anytime, anywhere!

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