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How To Get Started In Tech With No Experience

How To Get Started In Tech With No Experience

By Udemezue JohnPublished about a year ago 6 min read
How To Get Started In Tech With No Experience
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When people ask me how saturated and viable the tech industry is?, all I do is give them facts about the industry.

1. Over 22 billion tech devices connected to the Internet in 2019

2. The tech industry is expected to reach a $6 trillion market value by 2022.

3. Artificial intelligence will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

4. Almost 60 per cent of the world is on social media in 2021, with more still being added each year.

5. The State of California saw over 140,000 jobs posted in the second quarter of 2020, despite the pandemic.

If you still think switching careers in Tech is not viable after reading all of this, you might have to check yourself. Tech is accommodating as many people as possible and you are not to be excluded.

To get started in tech with no experience, here are tips to help you do so.

1. Choose Your Career Path.

Before venturing into Tech, the first thing you need to do is choose your career pathways.

I tell people who are scared of getting a career in tech that you don’t necessarily need to know how to code before starting in Tech.

We have Coding tech careers and No-coding tech careers; it all depends on you to choose which ones suit you.

If you feel you are the type who doesn’t like to code, you can decide to venture into a No-Coding career in Tech; that way, you can stay in your comfort zone and still have a fantastic job in Tech.

It has even been discovered that No-coding tech careers earn way better than Coding tech careers and are much in demand than their coding counterparts.

1. Coding Tech Careers.

Coding tech careers are tech careers that require the person in question to master the basics of Coding before getting started with them.

In coding tech careers, you need to learn how to code in one or more languages, and most of the time, you get started with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Examples of coding tech careers include; Frontend, Backend, and Mobile app development.

2. Non-Coding Tech Careers.

Non-coding tech careers are tech pathways that do not require the person in question to master any coding skills.

These careers are tech-based but don’t require any level of technicality but basic knowledge of computing is a must.

You should be able to work with a computer at least before venturing into this space. Examples of non-coding tech careers include; Digital Marketing, SEO, product management, and UI/UX design.

2. Get The necessary certifications.

The next thing you need to do as someone looking to kickstart a career in Tech is to try as much as possible to acquire certifications to back up what you have learnt yourself.

Earning an IT certification is a fantastic way to build up and showcase your tech skills on a resume as you work to break into the field.

It helps provide validation of your technical proficiency to hiring managers and recruiters and can prove that you are helpful as you aim to be.

This can be acquired for free; you even have to pay a small fee to get certified. There are free certification programmes anchored by big techs such as Google, LinkedIn and Amazon, to mention a few.

3. Get a mentor.

Mentors are people that have done what you intend to do and have seen it all. In an age where instant gratification is glorified, it’s unsurprising that many entrepreneurs and young people do not seek out a mentor.

Like I always say, you need to meetups with someone who has done what you intend to do; having a mentor helps you plot a road map so that you don’t get confused as you get started.

Information gets obsolete as fast as possible; it is an ever-evolving industry. So you can be shocked about how technology turns out tomorrow, and people make moves only for you to be left behind.

4. Build a Portfolio.

A portfolio is a website that shows your skills, abilities, and the quality of your work for prospective employers to see.

When getting hired as a web developer, a portfolio of your best project would help you get past various screen hurdles.

A resume has its time and place, but a portfolio is where you show (not tell) what you can do; most times, having a hosted portfolio as a techie enables you to show off your resume and your work profile.

Having a hosted portfolio website can help you stand out. It demonstrates your commitment and dedication to showcasing your work.

It’s also an opportunity for you to represent your work in the best light possible and show your personality.

5. Apply For Jobs.

Now that you have acquired specific skills and some mentorship, it’s time to start testing the waters.

One mistake I see people make is trying to be perfect before applying for a job; bro, you should chill out; that is why we have entry-level tech jobs.

Most people best learn under pressure; you are good to go with essential knowledge, to sharpen further the skills you need to get an entry-level development job.

There are many ways to get a job as a developer, one of the most effective is via tech job listing websites like StackOverflow, LinkedIn and many more.

Just make sure to do your research because there are many more tech job listing websites popping up here and there.

6. Monetize Your career.

The flexibility you get from being in Tech is because there are various opportunities to build a side income that can eventually become a full-time business.

The majority working full-time in Tech would not be in that space in the next decade because they are likely to build their startups or venture into a tech business.

The same goes for you as a newbie; not everyone would work in Tech, the majority acquire these skills to start a business of their own, and they do so well; it all depends on where you stand.

There are various tech side-businesses that you can be built by anyone who just acquired a tech skill, and they include, Blogging, starting a YouTube channel, Affiliate Marketing and many more.

I shared a link to a comprehensive article that addresses this question below, be sure to check it out.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day

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