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How to Explain PCOS to Your Husband

A Guide for the Partner of a Woman with PCOS

By Samson WilliamsPublished 12 months ago 6 min read
How to Explain PCOS to Your Husband
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Symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are not just physical and visible.

They also have an impact on a woman’s mental health, her relationships, and the way she feels about herself as an individual and as a partner.

If your husband is the partner of a woman with PCOS, it can be difficult to know how best to support her.

You want to be there for them both while also protecting yourself from unnecessary stress that could jeopardize your marriage or partnership.

However, if you feel that disclosing your wife’s diagnosis might strengthen your relationship, read on for some tips on how to explain PCOS to your husband.

In this article, we outline the different stages of coping with PCOS and provide advice on how you can be more open about the challenges it presents in your marriage or partnership.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause irregular menstrual cycles and, in some cases, lead to fertility issues.

It can also cause a range of symptoms such as hair loss, weight gain, and anxiety.

The exact causes are unknown, but it’s thought that genetics could play a role. Although it’s not uncommon, many women don’t find out they have PCOS until they’re in their 30s or 40s or until they try to become pregnant.

The symptoms of PCOS can be difficult to identify, and they can vary widely between women.

Even when a woman is diagnosed with PCOS, many don’t receive the necessary support.

This can often lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression (amongst other mental health issues).

If you’re the partner of a woman with PCOS, you should know that there are ways to improve the quality of life for everyone in the relationship.

Finding the right moment to explain PCOS to your husband.

You and your partner will know when the time is right to open up about PCOS.

But if you’re struggling to find the right moment to explain PCOS to your husband, try to keep the following in mind:

- It’s not your responsibility to disclose your PCOS diagnosis to your husband.

- Explain PCOS to your husband when you feel ready and are able to speak freely without fear of being judged.

- Some couples prefer to keep PCOS private, while others choose to share their diagnosis with friends and family.

How to explain PCOS to your husband: Start with what you know.

When you explain PCOS to your husband, it’s best to start with what you know.

This way, you can both build up a picture of what the disorder means for your relationship and get a better idea of what questions to ask your doctor next time you visit.

Start by explaining the symptoms you’ve experienced and how they’ve impacted your everyday life.

This way, your husband can get a better idea of what PCOS is like for you and how it could affect your relationship.

How to explain PCOS to your husband: Be honest about the unknowns.

While you want to start with what you know, it’s also important to be honest with your husband about what you don’t know.

This is particularly important if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and are trying to get pregnant.

If you’re hoping to conceive, your doctor will likely recommend a few different tests to get a better idea of how PCOS is impacting your ability to conceive.

However, many of these tests are invasive and can be difficult to interpret. If this is the case for you, it’s important that you be open and honest with your husband about what you don’t know.

How to explain PCOS to your husband: Tell him how it has impacted you both.

While it’s important to explain how PCOS has impacted you, it’s also beneficial to talk about how it’s affected your husband.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder, which means that its symptoms can affect both partners in a relationship.

It’s not uncommon for women with PCOS to experience episodes of anxiety or depression.

It’s important to be aware of these episodes and know how to support your partner during them.

You can do this by making sure that you’re mindful of your partner’s mood, and that you don’t engage in arguments when they’re feeling anxious or depressed.

How to explain PCOS to your husband: Focus on the positives and what it means for the future.

By freestocks on Unsplash

While it can be helpful to focus on the negatives, it’s also important to look towards the future.

If you’re hoping to conceive, you can focus on the fact that PCOS is treatable.

If you and your partner are already parenting, you can look to how PCOS can be managed so you can continue to parent with confidence.

Overall, you and your partner can strengthen your relationship by being open and honest about PCOS and the challenges it presents.

By explaining PCOS to your husband, you can create a partnership that is built on trust and honesty, which is the foundation of a successful relationship.

How to explain PCOS to your husband: Conclusion

PCOS ladies are often told to take birth control pills, but to be honest, it doesn't always work.

And when it doesn't, then what? How do you talk to your husband about something like this?

How do you explain PCOS to him? The words may be tough, but there are ways to break it down for him and for you to handle it better together as a couple.

Settle Down: Before you start trying to explain PCOS to your husband, it's important to settle down. acknowledge that you have a problem and not him.

He doesn't have to know everything about it — in fact, it's best if he doesn't. Maybe you can keep your struggles to yourself until the time is right.

It takes time for most men to fully understand the impact of their wives' infertility issues, so asking for their help is essential.

Gather Materials: The best way to explain PCOS to him is through stories.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the previous sentence, then make sure you have some anecdotes and real-life examples ready to go.

If he's anything like most guys, then he loves to hear about how awesome other women are, so you should make sure to highlight their strength, perseverance, and ability to overcome challenges.

That way, he won't feel as clueless about it as he'd probably feel at first.

Show Him the Numbers: Showing him the numbers might be your best bet for making him understand PCOS.

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