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How Long Does Bond Cleans Take?

by Sarah Cover 12 months ago in house

If you want the clean home within a few hours, you must hire professional cleaners.

Vacating the old home and shifting to a new one is an exciting thing and stressful at the same time. You have to complete several things and pack valuables for moving out. On the other hand, your lease is ending with the landlord. You have to clean the full property to get the bond deposit.

Time is an essential factor at the end of the lease cleaning process. It might take too long to clean the property fully when you do it yourself. But the experienced cleaners do it within a few hours.

What is the Time Required for the Bond Cleaning?

The time to clean the full property depends on the area of the home and how dirty it is. The average time of bond cleaning Melbourne can take between 2 and 9 hours with 3 to 4 cleaners. If the cleaners are less, the cleaning time can go up to 12 to 13 hours.

In addition to that, the type of cleaning tasks is important to consider while calculating the time. If you include some more cleaning tasks such as patio and garage cleaning, the time will increase as per the tasks.

Need to Hire a Professional or Do it Yourself?

Moving out from a rental property raises many questions in the minds of the tenants. Many of them have this confusion about this thing. Some tenants have a budget but still want to clean their homes. On the other hand, some tenants have a low budget and cannot afford to hire end of lease cleaners.

If you want the clean home within a few hours, you must hire professional cleaners. They do the task with efficiency and accuracy. Apart from that, they also use safe cleaning tools to clean the home.

Reasons Why Not to Clean the Property Yourself

It is advisable not to clean the full property yourself because of the following reasons:

· Tenants have no knowledge or idea of eco-friendly products. They might use the products with chemicals that damage the floors or walls of the property.

· Cleaning the home yourself can increase the risk of damaging any item in the home.

· Tenants do not get high-quality cleaning by cleaning the property themselves.

· Low-quality cleaning work can reduce the amount of bond money.

· Improper cleaning can damage the reputation of tenants in the eyes of the landlords.

What is the Full Checklist of End of Lease Cleaning?

It is necessary to know the checklist of the end of the lease cleaning company before hiring its services. Most of the companies have a checklist as under:

· Sweeping and washing of the floors with good solutions

· Removing stains of the walls with liquid soap

· Wiping the cupboards, shelves, cabinets, and drawers with a clean cloth

· Removing oil and grease marks from chimneys, range hoods, and gas stoves

· Cleaning of kitchen appliances such as microwave, fridge, exhaust fans, and oven

· Washing of curtains and blinds

· Cleaning the windows of all the rooms and their glasses from outside and inside

· Washing the laundry room, bathroom, bathtubs, and sinks

· Disinfecting the toilet seat

Which are the Extra Cleaning Tasks in the Package at the End of the Lease Cleaning?

Some tasks require more charges while taking the end of lease cleaning package such as:

· Washing of carpets with the steam cleaning technique

· Cleaning and sweeping the floors of patio, decks, and outdoor spaces

· Washing of bed sheets, sofa covers, mattresses, and table cloths

· Cleaning of swimming pools

Get Good Quotes

You can get free quotes from the best end of lease cleaning companies by filling an online form.


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