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How is Protein Loss in Urine Treatment in Ayurveda Helpful?

by Yashika Sharma 11 months ago in health
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Protein Loss in Urine Treatment in Ayurveda

The main protein present in your blood is albumin. Proteins play many essential functions in the human body, such as contributing to the formation of muscles and bones, preventing several infections, and regulating fluid amounts in the blood. When it comes to managing protein levels in your blood, kidneys are the organs that get the task done. Healthy kidneys keep necessary protein amounts in the blood while letting excess or unnecessary protein pass into the urine. When you have an excess protein amount in your blood, it is called proteinuria. This condition may be an early sign of any kidney problem, or sometimes few lifestyle habits may cause it to happen. But protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda is there at your rescue.

In general, anyone may get proteinuria, but you may have a higher risk if you have any risk factors for renal disease, mainly diabetes, hypertension, family history of any kidney disease, etc. Apart from that, intake of a high protein diet, strenuous workout, emotional weakness, high fever, and exposure to cold are some medical conditions that can elevate protein levels in your urine. But these lifestyle habits may cause temporary protein loss in urine, and the problem gets away by avoiding or curing these habits.

How Can I Know if I Am Losing Protein in Urine?

If your kidneys are in a poor health state, you may have a little rise in protein levels in your urine; therefore, you won't notice any symptoms. However, you may notice a few symptoms in advancing the condition, such as bubblier or shinier urine. A little bit of swelling may also appear in your body. Often these symptoms go undetected, and patients can detect them easily. In such a condition, you may need to take some tests, mainly Urinalysis. The urine protein test measures the albumin amount present in your urine compared to the amount of creatinine in your urine.

If your kidney problem worsens, a large protein amount may appear in your urine. Consequently, you may notice body swelling, puffiness around the face, foaming or bubbly urine, etc.

If you get any of these symptoms, it's an indication that your kidneys are in poor health condition and require immediate cure. So, your physician may take the help of some other medical tests to check your kidney health. Reach an expert physician soon!

What’s The Best Cure For Protein in Urine?

As mentioned above, temporarily increased protein levels in urine do not need any specific treatment. When conditions or factors responsible for high protein levels are cured or avoided, your protein level in urine gets normalized. But if you have any kidney problem that is causing you to experience high protein levels in urine, it requires early diagnosis and the best treatment, according to your reports. It means you should choose the best cure for kidney disease to get rid of proteinuria effectively.

If it comes to the best kidney disease cure, Allopathy is the first name that comes to your mind. It’s obvious because we all have heard about this treatment for kidney disease cure. It consists of some medicines and dialysis. It suggests kidney transplant in severe cases of kidney problems or when your kidneys fail. This conventional treatment can only manage kidney problems but can’t restore kidney health. Several complications are also associated with this modern treatment, and thus sometimes, it may turn fatal. So, Allopathy can’t provide a lasting cure to kidney problems and their complications. On the contrary, if you choose Ayurvedic treatment for kidney disease, it can help you get rid of your proteinuria problem naturally.

Ayurveda is a holistic treatment method that works on the deep causes of a disease to provide an enduring cure. Primarily, this treatment identifies the deep causes of the problem and analyzes the patients' body type. After a thorough and deep analysis, it prepares a customized Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems. Herbal medications and ancient therapies are the primary content of this treatment. Additionally, it also suggests few diet-related changes and other changes. Yoga is another essential part of Ayurvedic treatment, and it suggests a few Yoga poses as well. In short, Ayurvedic treatment covers almost every aspect of a problem and therefore reverses it naturally.

In kidney disease cure, Ayurveda applies its ancient healing methodology to eradicate all kidney complications and repair kidney damage. Eventually, it makes your kidneys healthy so that they can work well again. As a result, if your kidneys start working well again, they become incapable of regulating protein levels in the blood. Consequently, one gets rid of protein loss in urine after taking Ayurveda treatment. The best feature of this natural treatment is that it offers a lasting cure without causing side effects on your health. In a nutshell, protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda is the most effective way to get rid of this health condition.

Search for the best protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda to get a lasting relief naturally.


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