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Quarantine Didn't Bother Me

I Stayed Home and Stayed Safe

I live in Alaska and I live by myself, I have a Toy Poodle and a Cat. I am a blogger I have two web sites one is about my camping and fishing adventures in Alaska. When COVID19 hit I felt horrible, I did not know what it was. I knew it started in China and that it started from Bats. What I didn't know was the Virus was going around the world. You would hear about it happening in china but that was all! I and my daughter went to Black Friday Shopping and had a great Christmas! After Christmas, I decided to take some time for myself. I was on the go the whole month of November and December. A little vacation doesn't hurt anyone, and I defiantly needed one!

I did my usual routine in January and February, then March I had to drive to Anchorage for a doctor's appointment. When I saw the doctor he told me that COVID19 was in Anchorage. He told me to wash my hands often, and only go out of the house if you had too! Until I saw the doctor I had no idea that the virus was in Alaska. The doctor knew this because his wife is an emergency doctor in one of the hospitals in Anchorage! When I was done with the doctor's appointment I went to my car and called my daughter! I told her what the doctor told me and I told her to stay home. I was driving home right away. Wasilla is an hour's drive from Anchorage, I told my daughter I would call her when I arrived home. The drive home was without incident and I arrived home safe and sound. I let out my toy poodle and got comfortable and called my daughter.

After I called her and told her our best bet is to stay home. I would give her more information after I read up on the virus. It was getting to be dinner time and I put a frozen pizza in the oven. I was hungry, and I love a good pizza! I was brought up by Italian and eating Italian meals. When the pizza was finished baking, I took it out of the oven and served me a slice. I went to my computer and started searching for information on COVID19. The virus started in China from Bats. I watched The World Health Organization, and learned a lot.

What I learned from watching WHO was not good. I learned that the virus was spreading threw-out Europe! I already knew the virus was in Alaska! It seemed like the virus is airborne. I knew that this is a Pandemic and there is no vaccine for it. Then I learned China is the cause of all this because they did not contain the virus right away! Then it was too late and a Pandemic was born! The next week I watched WHO, then President Trump started to hold press conferences. What they said is what my doctor told me two weeks ago! But I did not think they would shut the USA down! But they did and they told all American's STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE! So I did just that I stayed home and stayed safe!

Staying home did not bother me because I was used to staying home! I had my blogging Roses Alaska Tailes to write. I had chores to do besides blogging, and also my Toy Poodle kept me busy. For groceries, I did a Click List with the grocery chain Fred Myers or Kroger. I picked a date and time and drove to the click list and they brought the groceries to my car. I use Click List all the time and it is great I also did the same thing at Walmart! If I need to go into the store I always wear a mask. Now, most stores want you to wear masks, but I wear one because it is safer! I am a semi-retired senior and I can get the virus more easily than other people.

I love to do art and crafts, I am an experienced sewer, I like to knit when I am not busy doing chores. I like to garden, take short walks, I like to fish, and go camping! If you are finding it hard to Stay At Home try doing what you like to do! Maybe you like to read a good book or magazine. Or you can try a new project to do like sewing, knitting, Art (painting), and crafts! My new thing is Diamond Painting it is a lot of fun to do! Maybe you want to paint a room a different color or fix something that needs fixing. There are many things you can do without going Stir Crazy! Or you can take on a new language you can learn all this and more! The list goes on and on!

I can go on and on with all the things you can do, but it is up to you to do it! This is how I am Staying Home and Staying Safe!

rose m lewis
rose m lewis
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