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How Do I Speak Online With Ethiopian Airlines

How Do I Talk To A Live person with Ethiopian Airlines 1-800(364)9405

By GuzmanPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

How do I Talk to Someone on Ethiopian Airlines?

Are you planning to book an Ethiopian airline flight ticket? Do you need the Airline's help to book your flight ticket? Are you aware of the Ethiopian Airlines upgraded chatbot service? To receive answers to all these questions, you are required to read the information mentioned below. The airline customer service team provides 24*7 assistance to the passengers and helps them get a solution. To talk to the Airline you can use phone calls, live chat, social media, and email.

How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines

If you are wondering about getting to speak to Ethiopian Airlines online, then here are many different ways that you can use to connect with them, and here are following all the best methods mentioned to connect online with them through live chat and below are the following that you have to follow in a proper way. Read the below articles for all the information to get in touch with the customer services of the airline.

How Do I Contact Ethiopian Airlines

Do you want to get knowledge of how to connect with Ethiopian Airlines over the phone? If yes, do not worry because the Airline has made 24*7 phone number 1 (800) 445-2733 (toll-free) available. You can have discussion with the customer service team for any query, from flight booking to rescheduling to refund. Go through the steps discussed below to connect over a phone call:

• Dial 1 (800) 445-2733 or 1-800-364-9405 (OTA) and attentively listen to the IVR commands.

• Press key 0 to choose the language of your preference.

• Press key 1 to book a flight ticket.

• Press 2 to submit a refund request.

• Press key 3 to speak to a live person.

• Dial key that can help you connect with the appropriate representative.

• Once connected, explain your query to the live person and get a solution.

How do I contact Ethiopia Airlines

Here are many different ways that you can use to contact Ethiopian Airlines, and for that, below are the following steps that are mentioned to contact the airlines:-

Online Contact Options At Ethiopian Airlines

To get Ethiopian Airlines live person online, then you need to choose one of the mentioned contact options available on the official website of Ethiopian Airlines:


• The most professional way of getting assistance is using the email service, click on the Email option to ask your queries using the Ethiopian email address.

• As you select email option, you need to select a browser to sign in with your email account.

• Type in your queries, attach essential documents, details of your flight, and send them to the official Ethiopian Airlines email address to get a solution as soon as the rush gets cleared.

Chatbot on Messenger

• If you are not on Telegram, you can use the Chat-bot on Messenger given in the drop-down menu.

• After clicking on it, you need to type in your Messenger username and password to sign in with your account.

• Once you get there, you can directly message on the Ethiopian Airlines Messenger handle about your query, suggestion, or complaint to get instant assistance from a live person.

How do I call Ethiopian Airlines from the US

If you are willing to know the steps to call an Ethiopian airline from the US, then here are the following all the details that are mentioned below:-

Initially, you must go to the official website of the airline and then navigate to the contact us tab, where you need to start finding the official contact number of the airline from the US. After that, when you get the number +229 62 50 09 79, then dial that redirect you to virtual services that assist you in following the instructions that appear on your screen to get in touch with a real person. Lastly, by following all the steps, you will call Ethiopian Airlines from the US and fix all the problems.

What is the email address for Ethiopian Airlines

Are you searching for the email address of Ethiopian Airlines? Then for that, here are some steps that you have to follow and below are the following all the mentioned steps:-

•First of all, you have to proceed to the authorized site of the Ethiopian airline.

•Then, please move to the contact us page, where you need to explore and start finding the official email address.

•After that, when you get the official email id [email protected], compose a message with all the issues you want to fix.

•You can also attach the documents with your messages that are related and resolve them.

What is the phone number for Ethiopian Airlines lost and found

If you may experience any baggage loss issues at Ethiopian Airlines, then for that, you need to complain about the airline's customer service of lost and found. There are simple ways that you can use to get connect with them through their official contact number, 800-445-2733 to get. Here are the following that are mentioned for you to get connected with them instantly. Moreover, to get connect with them then, dial the official number and get through to provide all the details related to baggage like tag number, color, and many more.

Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

Getting an Ethiopian Airlines Live Person is not an arduous task to look forward to. So, if you wish to lead an untroubled and seamless journey, consider booking a flight with Ethiopian Airlines right now!

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