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"Honey, I'm home!" Walking into a Dream.

Take a stroll through this gorgeous fairytale inspired manor.

By Samantha KaszasPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Third Place in Dream Home Challenge
"Honey, I'm home!" Walking into a Dream.
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Are you one of those people who has spent endless hours with your head in the clouds, thinking about your dream house? Do you have a Pinterest board with jaw-dropping inspo photos and enough DIY projects to fill a lifetime? Well I am right there with you! I have always been in awe of gorgeous architecture, unique home décor and custom landscapes. At this point I have close to 25 years of daydreaming about my dream home under my belt and I’d love to share some of my ideas with you! Now come along as we step through the front door!

The Setting

Let’s start with the basics. Location, location, location. I figure if this is the ultimate house, it really should have the best of both worlds! Being an artist, the city is where it’s at for me, but I’m a country girl at heart. So why can’t I have both? This beautiful abode will be situated on an acre of land on the outskirts of the city. The perfect amount of property to get creative with but not get out of hand! I LOVE me some plants, so gorgeous gardens are a must. Give me all the secret garden goodness please. There will have to be flower gardens, vegetable gardens and of course old, wise trees that reach right up to the clouds. Also, as a bonus, I would incorporate some of the biggest and most magical pieces of quartz and crystals that you ever did see. Check these out!

The House

Now that we’ve taken a stroll along the winding stone path through the breathtaking grounds, let’s get to the good stuff. THE HOUSE! What does it look like you might be wondering? Well personally, I love a classic old house and I am heavily inspired by the fantasy books of my youth, so my dream house is a classic European manor with some Victorian flair! Stone walls covered in ivy, deep green in the summer and rich reds in the fall. Also, it must have a turret! I am in love with shapely houses, that are defined and unique. Please, please no boring rectangles for me!

Going up the stairs of the house we pass the sitting area on the porch, perfect for a morning tea and curling up with your favourite book. You will notice that there are plants everywhere, you can expect more of that as we go inside!

The front door to the home is painted in a gorgeous rich colour. I am such a fan of a painted front door!

The Main Living Area

When we walk in the home, we are in the main living area. The ceilings are high, there is lots of natural light (for all those plant babies to soak up!), inviting seating and a wood burning fire place. A wood burning fire is one of the best pleasures in life, so you can bet I will be stoking that hearth on the daily!

This floor is open concept, I know, everyone is going open concept these days but I think it’s for good reason! Having an open concept main living area means that multiple members of the family can be enjoying the room in different capacities. Separate, enjoying some alone time, yet together, comforted by each other’s presence. So I am all on board for the open concept trend. Towards the back of the main living area is the large farmhouse style dining table, where I can entertain and serve delicious meals to friends and family.

On the back wall behind the table, large French doors open up onto a cobblestone veranda, where there is an outdoor dining and lounging area, where everyone can take in the gorgeous scenery together.

The Kitchen

Now naturally, the next stop is the kitchen!! A kitchen is the heart of the home. My kitchen is grand and roomy but welcoming and full of comfort. Filled with the smells of spices and fresh bread, this room is definitely farmhouse inspired. It’s the kind of kitchen you picture yourself in for years to come, sharing the space with friends, family, kids and then grandkids. This is the timeless classic.

Off to the side of the kitchen we have one of my favourite little spots in the house. The Witch’s Pantry. This room is stocked full of dried herbs and flowers, spices, roots and all kinds of homemade cures.

The Greenhouse.

Before we head up stairs to the bedrooms, we’ll head to the other side of the house and enter the greenhouse. Since my dream house is likely somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, my homeland of Canada or maybe I go full European and you’ll find me in the English country, either way, I’m definitely going to need an sun for my year-round jungle!

I can see myself spending all day in this room!

The Master Bedroom.

Now we’ve come to the 2nd level and first stop, the master bedroom. A dream house would not be complete without the most dreamy, inviting, master suite that you ever did see! For my master suite, I want to keep it inviting. As much as I love rich and deep colours, for the master, we’ll keep the colour scheme light and airy. There are high ceilings, a stunning view and another wood burning fireplace to cozy up to. The bed is piled high with pillows and cozy blankets, you will never want to get up!

The Bathroom.

Off from the master suite, we have the en suite bathroom and it is a stunner! It is so large and roomy, you could have a dance party in here! Never will you be bumping elbows with your significant other as you brush your teeth or powder your nose. Not with that large marble countertop and double sink vanity. Just. Gorgeous. The most important part of the bathroom for me is the tub. I love the classic clawfoot. In this bathroom I’ve got the deepest, comfiest one you can find, sitting right in front of the window of course!

And you can’t neglect the shower. This shower is spa like, it oozes tranquility and incorporates greenery, giving you the feeling of rinsing underneath a waterfall. A large rain shower head and side jet streams complete this beauty.

The Library.

Exiting the master and heading down the hall, we are coming to the real pièce de résistance. As an avid reader and lover of literature, I have always dreamed of an epic library. This is the real showstopper and takes up the turret tower of the house. The shelves are lined with classics, personal favourites and literature from around the world. This is where I will collect all of those rare finds and keep them here to share with friends and loved ones! This is also where I leave you. So go on and lose yourself among the rows and stacks of magical books. Pick yourself one or two… or three or four! Take your time and enjoy my dream house! I know I will.

Bonus! Art Studio.

Creative expression is so important and enriching for your soul. As a bonus room for my dream house, I’d love to have an artist’s studio. Personally, I love to paint, write and dance! I would also include space for musical instruments, I may not be musically inclined but this is a space for everyone! So come on over and play me something!

Colour Scheme .

I really love bold, rich and deep colours. A splash of bold colour here and there, combined with a classic neutral tone and some dusty muted pigments would be the perfect mix for me.


I suppose you could say my style is a bit eclectic. Not over the top but a combination of the things I love! Sometimes classic, sometimes rustic, sometimes boho! I don’t know about you but I’m not about to get tied down to one uniform style ;) .


Thanks for visiting, see you in my dreams!


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