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healthy foods

healthy foods

By RisanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
healthy foods
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The food we consume is responsible for the problems we all face in today's generation. Doctors have also said this. As a result of the change in our diet, many people suffer from many diseases without being healthy. The reason our body lacks immunity is because we don't eat the right foods. We buy and eat food items sold in stores for their taste. But then we don't think about the problems caused by it. The main reason why our body is not in proper condition is our circulation and our changing eating habits.

Natural Foods:

By feeding our body with healthy foods we can keep our lives healthy. A healthy diet is just a matter of making a few changes in the foods we cook at home.

Adding the food items needed by our body in our food is healthy food. For this purpose buying energy powders from shops and consuming them will only lead to unwanted side effects. So it is better to prevent them. And eating natural food products does not cause us any side effects. Now let's see about such food items.


Calcium is very important for our body. Calcium deficiency causes us many problems. There will be problems like joint pain and weak bones. Therefore, it is better to include food items with high amount of calcium in our diet. Mackerel, cheese, milk, almonds, and shrimp have high amount of calcium. So it is good to include it in your diet daily.


Oats provide our body with all the energy it needs for a day, and the carbohydrates in it give our brain the energy it needs. And the magnesium protein, phosphorus nutrients in it give our body the necessary energy. So it is necessary to include oats in our daily diet.


As important as calcium nutrients are for our body, food items containing this vitamin-D are also important. Vitamin-D is very important for our body to absorb calcium. Therefore, it is important to eat foods rich in vitamin D daily.


These beans have the power to fight fatigue. Carbohydrates and potassium in it give our body the energy it needs. And the protein it contains. Iron gives our body the nutrients it needs for the day.


Carbohydrates and proteins in curd give us devayana energy. And the probiotics in it help to improve our digestion. So it is better to take yogurt daily.


Banana has a very big role in fixing our fatigue. Bananas are rich in nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, carbohydrates, and omega-3 . These give our body the energy it needs. So it is good to eat banana every day.

Pumpkin seeds:

It contains a large amount of protein, vitamin D, and copper, phosphorus, and iron. By adding it to our daily diet, we get the iron we need. It also gives the necessary strength to the bones in our body. So it is good to include it in your diet daily.

Green Tea:

It has a high degree of polyfinancial. By drinking green tea daily we can get good relief for our fatigue. And taking it daily is very good for our health. If we drink green tea regularly, our body weight will also be stable.


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