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Gianmatteo Costanza Discusses Tech Skills Today’s Leaders Should Have

International software executive Gianmatteo Costanza discusses the top tech skills today's leaders should have.

By Gianmatteo CostanzaPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Some of the world’s best leaders are exceptionally skilled at technology and leadership. Even if you are no longer working in the tech industry, you must master these skills to be considered a successful leader. Here is a list of top tech skills needed by leaders today.

Data Analysis

Big data has changed everything and impacted every aspect of the business. It has led to the development of new services and the creation of new marketing strategies. It has also shifted the way HR departments are managed. A recent survey about the importance of analytics and data in the financial industry revealed that 22% of investors consider data and analytics to be their most competitive advantage.

Without this technical skill, leaders can still function well. They can easily hire data scientists and only skim reports when they need to act. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the best leaders. They need to be constantly updated with the latest technology trends and news. The necessary skills to collect and analyze data are essential for any organization.

Project Management Tools

Besides being a technical skill, project management is also a must-have for any leader. They need the necessary tools to monitor and act on a project and should not wait for reports to arrive. An excellent collaborative tool will allow you to manage all aspects of a project and give you daily updates on the project’s progress. You can also make corrections as needed. This eliminates the need to wait for reports to act on any errors.

Communication Systems

As a leader, you must be able to communicate effectively with all your team members. The necessary tools to improve communication are also essential for any company.

The systems and software you invest in will allow you to establish communication links between your teams and higher-level management. This will enable you to keep up with all of the organization’s latest developments.

Digital Literacy

By acquiring digital literacy, leaders can quickly adapt to the changes brought about by new technology and introduce new innovations to their workforce without affecting their operations. New digital skills are constantly being developed.

Being a digitally literate leader ensures that you are respected and listened to and can help companies achieve their full potential. Having the right digital skills will allow you to help businesses tackle some of their most important work.


Gianmatteo Costanza is an international software executive who is socially invested, politically enlightened, and technologically driven. His career takes him to all parts of the world, and Gianmatteo never passes up an opportunity to learn about other cultures and traditions. He enjoys debating public policy issues and taking in the sights and sounds of the world around him. Ultimately, Gianmatteo Costanza characterizes himself as an observer of the human spirit.

One of the reasons Gianmatteo loves what he does is because he believes in software’s power to touch people’s lives in transformative ways. It excites him to lead and manage teams that create products and experiences to empower people and make a difference. Gianmatteo’s specialties lie in mobile applications, distributed software architectures, and intuitive user experiences. Although he was born with an analytical mind, Gianmatteo loves and appreciates front-end engineering and web design, a rare duality for someone in his field. This ability allows him to see the value in software system design from a user’s perspective first and foremost. Unlike most software executives, Gianmatteo begins with the user’s desired experience, then works backward through the technology stack. As a leader, Gianmatteo prioritizes deadlines and big picture objectives while also obsessing over front-end UI and UX details.


About the Creator

Gianmatteo Costanza

Gianmatteo Costanza has been at the heart of the visualization revolution since its beginning. He moved to Silicon Valley and became one of the change-makers after arriving on the UX/UI scene. He values both front- and back-end development.

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