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Smoking women are the key to epidemics

By ABDOPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
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For many years, it was believed even in medical circles that there is no relationship between smoking and heart disease in women. Smoking indeed causes lung cancer in men, but it is not the same for women. Thus, doctors justified the matter, but the information available in light of recent studies shows that the greatest danger to young women In this era is smoking.

In a study supervised by Harvard University that dealt with one hundred and twenty thousand female nurses, whose ages ranged between 30/55 years, it was found that there is a direct relationship between the number of cigarettes smoked by a woman on the one hand, and her incidence of heart or coronary artery disease on the other hand, and there is no safe limit that does not exist, and the risk of smoking increases to Women who have other encouraging factors such as old age, overweight, or the presence of disease in the family. The most dangerous thing is when oral contraceptives and smoking are combined.

And the advertisements of smoking companies that encourage women and say something like “With this cigarette, you will have moved from childhood to the path of youth” can be interpreted as that women are already on the road to heart disease. Says the medical journal published by the University of California at Berkeley. In a study whose results were recently published, 55% of heart diseases that affect women under the age of 50 are due to smoking.

There are scientific facts related to a woman's heart, which doctors ignore in most cases, but it plays an important role in whether or not it is infected. A woman with a heart attack alternates with bouts of chest pain, sometimes getting stronger and others that go away and disappear completely for a long time before a heart attack hits her. Therefore, chest pain is considered a warning that can push her to see a doctor, but the man is exposed to a heart attack without having chest pain. Necessarily, that is, he may or may not be affected, and among those facts that have not been given due attention is that when a woman suffers a heart attack, her chances of life become less than that of a man. Life in front of a woman becomes less than it is for a man.

And the percentage of women who die within a month after the first heart attack is much higher than the percentage of men, and women are more likely to have a heart attack than men. And there remains the important question that roams the mind of every person, especially the woman, what should she do to avoid a heart attack and coronary artery disease?

The medical journal issued by Harvard University says that the most important danger is that a woman - as well as a man - realizes that she is not safe from infection, and she may be infected with it despite her apparent health and wellness. This feeling or realization makes her act with caution, thinking and caution as well.

The second step is adhering to a well-studied diet with the need to reduce the intake of sodium (salt), fatty substances, and those that cause or are saturated with cholesterol, while making an effort to maintain moderate weight, avoid smoking, and not be complacent or indulgent, even with one cigarette, on the pretext that it is in a social event or because of a psychological state of addiction. Tension or depression and exercise are important and useful, even in the lowest levels of exercise.

In another important aspect, it is also to conduct periodic medical examinations, and it is advisable to ask the doctor to examine the lipids in the blood, and when feeling chest pain or suspected symptoms, it is advisable to see the doctor, especially if someone from the family had the same condition before.


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