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Foods to be given to children

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By RisanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Foods to be given to children
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It is true that in today's urgent period, we do not take care of our physical health properly. But we should raise our children in a good and healthy way. For that, we should feed our children nutritious foods. This ensures that our children get the nutrients they need from an early age. Our children will also be healthy. So we should give our children only after knowing about the nutrients in the food they drink.

Healthy foods:

We need to feed our children not only the foods they like but also the nutrients they need. It is important to avoid fried and fried foods and provide fiber-rich foods. Also, it is better to provide vitamin-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, and protein instead of junk foods.

Correct Size:

When we give food to children we should only give them what they need. Instead of that they should not drink too much food. This relieves them of desperation and cravings for food. As a result, our children are not getting the nutrients they need.


We should only feed our children their favorite food like snacks and we should not feed them only. We should give them rice at the right time because rice contains calories and starch. It provides essential nutrients to our babies. But nowadays we all buy vitamin products from shops. This should be avoided simply. There are so many nutrients in our homemade rice. So our use of homemade food products is good for the health of our children.


This calcium is very important for the development of our children. It is this calcium nutrient that gives the necessary nutrients to our children's bones. So we should consume foods rich in calcium. Our babies naturally try to push food out when we feed them. So we have to patiently give nutritious foods. Wheat and pulses contain high amount of calcium.


Children tend to eat more junk food. But we should give vegetables by understanding the dangers involved. Because vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins needed by our children. Vitamin D and Vitamin A are essential for our children.


By giving bananas to our children, they get the nutrients they need. The vitamins in banana will give our children the required weight. Also giving an egg provides our children with protein.

Calorie Nutrients:

We can provide our children with caloric nutrients by giving them sugarcane and tuber. And avocados are high in calories. Just giving a fruit gives our children the calories they need. And the vitamins in it help to increase the immunity of our children.

Fatty acids:

We can provide essential fatty acids to our children through our homemade curd and ghee. By giving ghee to our children, our children will be well-fatted. And our children get the nutrients they need. So to secrete good fatty acid in our children's body, we eat this daily. want

Water is also important

Babies do not need water until they are fed solid food. But doctors say that later they should make the habit of drinking more water.

Generally cooked food should be eaten within four hours. Otherwise it creates sluggishness in the body and affects the brain development of children.

Also avoid feeding large amounts of non-vegetarian food to children. Likewise, people at home can follow self-discipline exercises such as teaching the growing children to eat instead of feeding them as much as possible.

Dairy Products:

Children generally like milk. As we give a dollop of teeth every day, our children get the nutrients they need. And by giving fruits and dairy products, our children get the right amount of nutrients.


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