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Follow the 2021 Fitness Trends in the New Year Too, Stay Healthy and Save Time and Money

Start the New Year with a Resolution of Mental Health and be Health and Happy

By parth rakangorPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

2021 passed in the fight against Corona. The whole year was spent in work from home or online study. Taking advantage of this, many people turned lockdown into an opportunity rather than a disaster and became aware of fitness. You can stay fit and healthy by adopting the healthy trends of 2021 in the new year.

1. Online gym

Before the arrival of Corona, the idea of ​​doing online gym activity may not have even crossed the minds of the people. With the entry of Corona in India, the popularity of online gym has increased along with work from home and online study. This year too you can stay fit and healthy by joining online gym classes for time management.

2. Functional fitness

In this training, daily activities are copied. Such as walking and squats. This training involves workouts for multiple muscles at once. Due to the lockdown in Corona, people stayed at home and emphasized functional fitness. You can continue in 2022 too.

3. Yoga and Mindful Meditation

Over the last 2 years Corona has made people realize that it is important to have good mental health as well as physical. People resorted to mindful meditation with the help of internet resources. This activity is necessary to maintain balance between the brain and the body. Whether your life is stressful or not, you can do mindful meditation this year too to stay energetic and positive.

4. Home work out

You got into the habit of working out at home because of the lockdown in the gym. You can still continue this habit. To save time and money, you can work out at home and stay fit and healthy. This year you can also install mini gym equipment.

5. Group training

You may have done a lot of group training with friends but never with family? In 2021 we realized that our family is everything. Implement this ideology for the new year and do a family workout. Exercise and do yoga every day to spend time with family.

Start the new year with a resolution of mental health and be healthy and happy

The Corona epidemic has had a devastating effect on everyone's mental health for over 2 years. Some lost their jobs and some lost their belongings. Children are also becoming victims of depression due to increasing digitalisation due to corona. It is important that you start the new year tomorrow with a positive energy.

New Year's resolution is a way to bring new energy into life. You can stay healthy and happy with this resolution associated with mental health .....

1. Stay away from mental pressure

We take away the tension before we do any work. Work done without tension is well done. Ignore small and big mistakes and move forward with a positive mindset.

2. Get enough sleep

Inadequate sleep can lead to many illnesses. 65% to 90% of people with depression suffer from insomnia. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

3. Give yourself time

In the new year, adopt a habit that calms and makes the mind happy. Do those activities including dancing, painting, writing, reading, yoga. Spend 20 to 30 minutes every day in the natural environment.

4. Less use of digital gadgets

Reduce screen time to maintain good mental health. Constant use of gadgets can make you irritable. This habit causes you to move away from family. Spend time with friends and family instead of screen time.

5. Be mindful of mental health

It is important to pay attention to mental health along with physical health. Use the internet not for timepass but to improve mental health. You can also take an online course or therapy.


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