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Finally: An Effective, Safe Herbicide

by Pam Malinoski 2 years ago in garden

EcoMIGHT: All of the Strength, None of the Guilt

For years, professional landscapers have been looking for an effective, safe herbicide. They are the ones behind our cities' beautiful parks. They are the ones responsible for pristine golf courses. They are the ones grooming our neighborhood subdivisions.

Although a multitude of conventional herbicides are on the market today, many of them are toxic and can be harmful to our health and environment. Other companies have stepped up to the challenge, providing natural and organic alternatives to the marketplace. Unfortunately, most of these solutions are expensive and simply not as effective as their toxic counterparts.

EcoMIGHT has a better solution.

Our herbicide is made from ingredients found in nature, never from toxic chemicals. It's a step above organic, which has become equivalent to "safe" in our society. Did you know that poisonous substances such as arsenic can be organic? Instead, EcoMIGHT is classified as minimum risk exempt by the U.S. EPA. That means it "pose little to no risk to human health or the environment."

That means it has no reentry period, welcoming people and pets to walk on an area that was just treated with no harm. It is safe for humans, animals, aquatic life, pollinators, and our water and soil. Most importantly, it's safe for the professionals who apply this herbicide as part of their daily jobs.

Ask Our Customers

Professionals currently using EcoMIGHT include world-renowned golf courses, major city school districts, several municipalities, popular museums, and many others. When they first learned about EcoMIGHT, they came with high hopes and low expectations.

After testing EcoMIGHT for themselves, these professionals found the product worked as well or better than popular conventional herbicides. Many have become avid supporters and advocates. Listen to what our customers have to say:

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a cultural landmark in Miami, Florida. According to David Hardy, horticulture manager at Vizcaya, "It’s by far the best product I’ve seen in the last five to ten years."

David Shoaf of Joe Blair Garden Supply studied EcoMIGHT's performance before carrying the product. "As a family-owned business for nearly 100 years, reputation is everything. We will never sell anything we don’t stand behind. After extensive testing, we are now recommending it to our customers. EcoMIGHT is a cost-effective solution that brings my customers just as much value as glyphosate. It’s a no-brainer!"

And, finally, Howard Steinberg of Organic Solutions, shares how EcoMIGHT has helped his company meet their customers' needs. "As a sustainable landscape company in the heart of Florida's water quality crisis, we have always gone outside the box to find the most effective yet eco friendly products for our customers. For the last 4 months, EcoMIGHT is the ONLY post emergent herbicide we used. The results have been quick and effective. Our customers are thrilled to have such a safe product produce incredible results."

How It Works

EcoMIGHT is systemic, which means it is translocated and absorbed by root system of the plant, resulting in a complete kill. It's used after weeds emerge and made of a specially formulated biodegradable combination of natural soaps and salts.

Not only is the product safe for kids, pets, aquatic life and pollinators, EcoMIGHT helps keep your soil healthy and leaves groundwater uncontaminated.

Hidden Benefits

For professional landscapers who are helping customers maintain a pristine image, EcoMIGHT doesn’t stain pavements, gravel, brick, concrete, or stone. That means it effectually destroys weeds without affecting the beauty of hardscapes.

Although EcoMIGHT is slightly more expensive than conventional products, several customers have found it more effective than traditional weedkillers. Since it can require fewer re-applications, even when compared to best-selling ‘traditional’ products on the market, less product is often used. This means a reduction on labor costs and time. In addition, there is no need for additional sticker or adjuvant products.


Pam Malinoski

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Pam Malinoski
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