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Everything You Need to Know About Ceiling Tile Dimensions

by Kim Weston 2 months ago in house

Features & Types of Ceiling Tile

Everything You Need to Know About Ceiling Tile Dimensions
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Ceilings have a strong power to change a space, or they can be considered as the fifth wall in interior design. A wide variety of sizes and styles are available in ceiling tiles that can add a new texture, dimension, and visual interest. Moreover, ceiling tiles enhance the beauty of any ordinary room.

Some time ago, ceilings were flat and only a few designs were available in the market. But now artists take ceilings as a canvas to express themselves instead of a flat, white plane. When you choose the right design and size and install them properly, ceilings become the focus of attention of your room.

Moreover, ceilings also have the ability to make your room look bigger or smaller. For example, low ceilings installed in an office can make a cavernous hall look more intimate. It also creates a feeling of openness in your office. There are different ceiling tiles companies that provide you a range of patterns, styles, and finishes. There are different ceiling tile dimensions that can accommodate almost every kind of installation situation.

1200 x 600mm (1195 x 595mm)

The most popular suspended ceiling tiles are 200 x 600 suspended ceiling tiles. You can find a huge range of designs and styles in this size because all major manufacturers usually have stock of them. You can find a square edge and reveal edge ceiling tiles. The 5mm difference in the size of tiles sometimes causes confusion in customers. But it is to allow a bit of tolerance while installation.

500 x 500mm (495 x 495mm)

These 500 x 500mm ceiling tiles size is comparatively less common. That’s why if you want these tiles you may need to order them from the manufacturer or they may have some minimum order requirement.

600 x 600mm (595 x 595mm)

This ceiling tiles size is also one of the most popular sizes, especially for suspended ceiling tiles. Most manufacturers also have a huge stock of these tiles.

1200 x 300mm (1195 x 295mm)

This ceiling tiles size is much rare as compared to standard sizes and for purchasing this size you need to order from the manufacturer. Armstrong Ultima Micro look tiles and Armstrong Dune Micro look tiles are popular ceiling tiles of this size.

1220 x 610mm (Imperial)

This 4ft x 2ft or 1220 x 610mm ceiling tile is now discontinued in the UK. But there are some suppliers that still have stock of imperial measurements. They offer ceiling tiles with good acoustic properties and fissure patterns. Moreover, you can also buy 1220 x 610mm imperial tiles and can cut them in half if you need 605 x 605mm ceiling tiles.

1500 x 300mm (1495 x 295mm)

Another size you may find in ceiling tiles is 1500 x 300mm. This can be said the narrowest possible width option that many manufacturers offer. These ceiling tiles are also called ceiling planks. These rectangular tiles are mostly used in corridors. But you can use them in any area you want.

1800 x 300mm (1795 x 295mm)

These tiles too are also known as ceiling planks. This name is due to its long rectangular shape. If you are looking for a change instead of standard ceiling tiles size, choose 1800 x 300mm ceiling tiles. Like 1500 x 300mm ceiling, these tiles are more common for corridors but suitable for any area of your house. You can also get 2500 x 300mm ceiling tiles. These tiles are also ceiling planks.

1800 x 600mm (1795 x 595mm)

This size of ceiling tiles is the newest addition in a range of ceiling tiles sizes at ceiling tiles UK. But currently, you may get only square edge tile in this newest size. You can order this ceiling tiles size without any minimum order quantity requirement. For other designs, you may have a minimum order requirement.

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Kim Weston
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