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Essential Tips For Choosing Best Netted Firewood For Your Fireplace

by Ludlow Firewood 2 months ago in house
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Good firewood is dry because wood with moisture will not burn properly. Most firewood trees, such as cedar or pine, are softwood trees. They contain a significant level of moisture even after several months of the tree being cut.

There can be nothing more comforting than curling up near the cosy fireplace in your home. Add to that a cup of hot coffee and your favorite book. It is one of life's pure joys and a pleasant experience that you can enjoy with your family and loved ones. The quality time you spend with family can't compare to any of the joys.

However, when looking for barrow bags of firewood, you need to keep some points in mind. When you grab your hands on the best barrow or netted firewood, your fireplace experience becomes pleasant, and you get a smokeless fire experience. 

Here's a look at the tips for choosing the best firewood for clean as well as low pollution burning:

  • Moisture content in the wood

Good firewood is dry because wood with moisture will not burn properly. Most firewood trees, such as cedar or pine, are softwood trees. They contain a significant level of moisture even after several months of the tree being cut. If you desire a long burning experience, you need to have dry woods only. Wood with high water retention requires more energy for burning. Also, the smoke released from the moist wood releases stronger pollutants while getting burnt; hence, it doesn't burn clean. 

  • Seasoned wood

When your aim is to get a clean burning, you need to choose the wood that is seasoned for a significant duration of time. Seasoned wood is always better than unseasoned wood. Unseasoned wood contains water and moisture and offers less clean burning compared to seasoned wood. Take two logs of wood and bang them. Seasoned and dry wood will sound hollow.

  • Age of the wood

One of the factors to be considered is the age of the wood, as it determines the quality of the firewood. Older firewood burns cleaner as compared to green wood. Old wood is usually stored at the bottom of the pile and has cracked ends. This signifies that the wood has been seasoned and dried well. If you want clean burning, aged firewood is the best choice.

  • Colour of the wood

Good quality firewood burns clean and is stored in a dry place. Therefore, it has a different colour from green firewood. Good firewood is always grey and dusty in colour on the outside and clean and dry on the inside. This is an indication that the wood has lower levels of residual material.

  • Density of the wood

The density of firewood plays a crucial role if you want smoke-free, clean burning. The firewood with higher density will burn more efficiently as compared to the one with low density. Though low-density wood burns quickly, wood with higher density will take longer to burn and cause lesser pollution. 

  • Look at the bark of the wood

When choosing firewood, you should check the bark of the wood. If the bark is chipped and peeling on the surface, it is a sign of dry and seasoned wood. The bark of the tree needs moisture to stay attached to the log. Chipping and peeling are an indication that the wood is dry and will burn clean with as little pollution as possible. 

  • Kiln dried firewood

Kiln dried firewood is an even better choice than seasoned firewood. It also offers amazing fires. It has low moisture content, and hence the wood burns efficiently as compared to regular as well as seasoned firewood. It takes lesser wood to create the hot flames you are looking for. Kiln dried firewood has the edge over naturally seasoned firewood. As they are dried in a kiln, they are better than air-dried logs. In fact, insects, moulds, eggs, and fungi get killed during the kiln drying process. As a result, you get dried firewood for clean burning. 

How To Store The Firewood?

Once you have chosen the right firewood for your fireplace, it is your responsibility to store it in a dry place that is ventilated. It should also be sheltered with a shed. You can also place a trap over it to cover it. You also need to protect the wood from the ground. If the floor is earthen, the logs should be placed on a wooden pallet. When the wood is laid along the wall, you must leave at least 10cm of space between the wall and the wood for air circulation.

Following the tips mentioned above will help you choose the right barrow bags of firewood for your fireplace. You will be able to create a warm and cosy place in your house along with being responsible for the environment. Choose only top-quality firewood and make the most of it.


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