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Does Ayurveda Cure Protein Loss in Urine Naturally?

by Yashika Sharma 10 months ago in health
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Protein Loss in Urine Treatment in Ayurveda

Protein is an essential element present in the human body. Proteins are helpful for the human body in several ways. Albumin is a kind of protein that is found in your blood. This protein helps bind necessary substances in the blood and doesn’t allow fluid to leak into body tissue. If the fluid leaks into body tissue, swelling may occur in the body. Kidneys are responsible for maintaining protein levels in the blood as they keep necessary protein into the blood while let others pass through their filters to get into the urine. Sometimes you may lose too much protein in urine; the condition is called Proteinuria in medical terms. Protein loss may be temporary or sometimes persistent. Dehydration, consumption of high protein, taking a protein supplement, exposure to extreme cold, and many other factors may cause protein loss in urine. Mainly, when your kidneys are damaged, you may notice a high protein level in urine. Protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda is an effective cure for proteinuria.

If your kidneys get damaged, especially their filters that are Glomeruli, a high protein amount may pass kidney filters and reach the bladder. In other words, protein loss in urine is a primary sign of kidney damage. This kidney damage sign often goes undetected as people can’t detect too much protein in urine without the help of a physician. However, he may feel tiredness or weakness due to too much protein loss in urine.

Signs & symptoms associated with proteinuria

If you have proteinuria, you may have no symptoms visible initially. Over time your kidney disease progresses that may cause many health symptoms. So, you may notice some symptoms in high protein loss in urine; the symptoms include swelling in the body, puffiness on the face, reduced albumin in the blood, and increased fats and cholesterol level in the blood.

Proteinuria needs to be identified as soon as possible. An early diagnosis of proteinuria may help your doctor putting a halt to this problem or prevent further damage. See an expert physician immediately if you have any symptoms indicating proteinuria.

How is Proteinuria Diagnosed Accurately?

Urinalysis is the most relevant test to detect an abnormally high protein level in urine. Collecting your urine samples, your diagnostic center may conduct a Dipstick test to detect high protein levels in urine. A few other tests may help your doctor detect proteinuria.

In your blood test report, if your other parameters, such as creatinine, urea, uric acid, etc., are higher than the normal range, it means your kidneys are not healthy. Therefore, your doctor may suggest some other tests further to determine your kidney health and functioning capacity. If the reports confirm a kidney problem, choose the best treatment accordingly.

What’s The Best Protein Loss in Urine Treatment?

The modern treatment system, Allopathy, utilizes some medicines for reliving proteinuria complications. This treatment may provide relief for some time as it doesn’t work on the root causes of a problem. In the case of proteinuria, mainly a kidney disease is the responsible factor, so you can’t notice a lasting cure until your kidney disease is treated. Allopathy may hardly determine kidney problems, so it can’t provide the best cure for protein loss in urine. Many risks are associated with this treatment; therefore, one should look for a safe and better alternative for proteinuria treatment. In contrast, choosing the best protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda can turn to be the best cure.

Ayurveda is a natural healing approach that works on the underlying cause of a problem as it aims to offer a permanent cure. In protein loss in urine, Ayurveda applies its same healing methodology and therefore offers a permanent cure.

Initially, protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda finds if proteinuria is a sign of kidney disease. If kidney disease is the reason for protein loss, Ayurveda mainly targets kidney disease. With its ancient healing methodology, Ayurveda aims to eradicate kidney complications and repairing damage to heal them naturally. As a result, this holistic cure makes your kidneys healthy naturally to effectively carry out their natural functions. Once your kidney problem is cured, they start functioning well, protein loss in urine gets stopped. The best part of protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda is that it offers a prolonged cure that is free from any side effects or risks.

Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria mainly utilizes some ancient therapies, few diet-related alternations and some other changes in lifestyle, etc. Ayurvedic treatment offers a permanent cure for proteinuria, and it’s also completely safe and also economical.

Find the best protein loss in urine treatment in Ayurveda to overcome this problem naturally!


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