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Delightful Combinations of Flowers with Delicious Food and Wine

by Irina Mukherjee 2 years ago in food
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Looking for great food and wine pairs with flowers?

While raising a toast for an anniversary, success party, or a family gathering, a perfect pairing of food & wine with florets always makes the moments cherishable. Food and wine pairing are widely common, but it's essential to pick the right combination to uplift the experience.

As there are many popular flowers available to make your day more exotic, we have handpicked delightful combinations that are a go-to source of inspiration for your next celebration.

Why should you pair food and wine with flowers?

The right combination of this trio goes beyond materialistic decor and good ambience. When you are planning for something special, it always makes sense to go the extra mile and create a soulful experience. Paring blossoms with cuisine rejuvenates body senses, and it leads to a thriving exotic meal experience. So, before you buy flowers online, check out these recommendations.

Spanish cuisine with fresh Carnations

Spanish meals and carnations go hand in hand because these beautiful florets are Spain's national blooms. Plan a delicious surprise with classic tapas, croquetas or empanadas and decorate the table with red and pink carnations.

Couple these delicacies with an aged red wine let the intense flavours indulge in the senses. Uplift your anniversary celebrations with this scrumptious Spanish combination.

Red Roses Bouquet for a French Feast

Bring the vibes of Paris at your place and channel your inner artist to prepare a delicious feast. Glam up the table with fresh red roses for a 'table of two' or yellow roses for a jolly get-together.

Enjoy Steak Tartare or a golden-baked Flamiche with a subtle-flavour white wine. Order fresh flower arrangement in Melbourne or another city you live in and uplift the experience to an unexpected level of indulgence.

Sunflowers for a Sunny Brunch

Planning a brunch with your buddies after a long time? Sunflowers get you sorted. Decorate the table with a fresh combination of sunflowers, dahlias and roses to enhance the joy of togetherness. For brunch, go for Mexican savoury preparations and pair it with a bubbly bottle of wine.

While decorating the table, place small paper chits next to everyone and write one fun task which they will perform in front of all. To save time, order flowers online in Melbourne or in the city you are meeting to avoid last moment rush.

Relish Thai treat with orchids

Satisfy your cravings for Thai cuisine in style with luxury orchids and a bottle of fresh red wine. Treat your loved one with spicy Tom Yum Goong soup and wholesome Pad Thai delicacy.

Take a long glass vessel and decorate the table with pink and purple orchids along with some lilies and roses. A soulful Thai treat is a flawless way to sense the joy of togetherness.

Gerberas with sparkling wine

Throw a lavish treat to your loved ones and cherish the best bubbly moments with gerberas and sparkling wine as these florets signify togetherness. Be it a delicious Spanish cuisine or a continental delight, white sparkling wine makes the 'circle of meal' complete.

Glam up the table with multi-hued fresh-cut gerberas by decorating them in tall glass vessels. Club these beautiful blossoms with red roses and let the celebration brings utter joy. Order multi-colour gerberas from your nearest florist and avoid the last moment rush. Welcome your guests with a combo of sparkling wine and a fresh-cut floret.

Order online flowers in Melbourne and start preparing for your much-awaited date or a cosy meeting with friends. Try your favourite above combination and allow yourself to enjoy these small moments.

Stay safe at home and call your nearest Melbourne florist to get delivery of your blossoms at your doorsteps. So, which one cuisine are you picking to surprise your loved ones on your next meet?


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