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Custom Home Aspects that Make Your Abode More Stylish and Comfortable

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By George harleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

A home is often considered as an extension of one’s own personality. Right from the materials used and the architectural layouts to the way it has been decorated - it reflects the persona as well as the lifestyle of the owner. Therefore, when building a custom home that will probably last you for many years to come, you should be extra careful right from the planning stages.

Now there are numerous things you can take care of to enhance the overall appeal of your home. If at any stage, you’re unsure of your vision, it is advisable to reach out to custom home builders in Grover Beach (if the location is California) as they can not only understand but also add to your vision, to deliver the results you want.

Let’s now look at some of the ways in which a house can be altered to improve its versatility:

His and Her Closets

If you are living in a home as a couple, “His” and “Her” closets are great way to get organized with all your clothing, shoes, accessories and other personal items. It allocates proper space and storage area to both the individuals and makes for effortless sorting. This is fast becoming a very popular idea for people who have enough space in their homes to be able to make this work. In case the original plan does not provide for such details, then one can also reach out to custom home builders in Avila Beach or Pismo Beach if your property is in any of those areas.

If you’re only considering bathroom remodeling in Pismo Beach, custom home builders will be able to devise a plan where they can cut out a chunk of space from the bathroom and convert it into a functional “His and Hers” closet area as well. This way, your bathroom is refreshed along with a new space for clothes storage.

Heated Flooring

People often tend to think that heated floors are only well suited for house owners in colder areas but you will be surprised to know that more and more people are now opting for this luxury even in places like California.

As per a Pismo Beach bathroom remodeling contractor who is among some of the well-known custom home builders in San Luis Obispo, people are also getting heated floors installed in their bathrooms to make them more cozy and warm. With this mechanism, warm coils run under the floorboards and these can be turned up or down at the click of a switch as per one’s comfort.

Custom Shelving

Customized shelving can be a great focal point in the room. When remodeling your house through Shell Beach custom home builders, always try and communicate to them the exact way in which you plan to utilize the new shelves. It could be in the form of a book unit or an entertainment unit and accordingly, the contractors can come up with the most appropriate plan.

Apart from the main living area, one can also install shelves in other places such as kitchen and bathrooms and for that help is always available through kitchen and bathroom remodelers in Shell Beach and other areas. Additional storage is a good idea and comes in handy in more ways that we cn fathom.

Vaulted Ceilings and Bigger Windows

An important aspect to keep in mind while customizing your new home is about the ceilings. Often homes look luxurious because they have high, vaulted ceilings. If this is accompanied with good sized windows, then the house automatically looks bigger and brighter because of the daylight getting in.

Vaulted ceilings and windows open up the house and are something to consider even if you’re not looking to remodel the entire house but only kitchen remodeling in San Luis Obispo or any other area. These features also make the house look more dramatic and help to improve finishing touches for molding and light fixtures.

There are several other things that a home owner can incorporate in his/ her custom home depending upon their budget and time constraints. With professional custom home builders, there is no dearth of ideas up to which a house can be upgraded and therefore, make sure you choose the right team before plunging into the project head on!

Author Bio: RLH construction is one of the leading custom home builders in San Luis Obispo. The team can take up a building, construction or remodeling project at any stage. It has also built a network of local contractors specializing in different fields to ensure that its clients get the finest of looks and functionality in every room of their house.


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