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Country Farmhouse Decor Essentials

If you want to bring that cozy country farmhouse vibe into your home, you'll NEED these decor pieces!

By Matthew LundgrenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Country Farmhouse Decor Essentials
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

In case you didn't already know, we are BIG fans of the country farmhouse aesthetic. We think it is a wonderful marriage in home decor, combining cozy vibes with often vintage or antique looks. On the other hand, it can also have a more soft modern feel, with clean lines and matte black finishes and metal throughout the home. It really does feel like a home decor style that everyone can find something to love about.

If you are interested in adding more farmhouse feel to your home, or maybe start altogether, then you'll definitely want to keep scrolling. We've compiled an amazing list of decor pieces and furniture that you'll want to snatch up to give your home that amazing cozy feeling every day!

Before we dive into the list, we do want to say that there are multiple different subcategories within the "farmhouse" style. You have modern farmhouse which was pioneered and made popular by Joanna Gaines, you have more rustic country farmhouse which feels a lot more like the home your grandparents may have had if they owned a farm, and then you also have vintage farmhouse that focuses a lot on the antique and vintage pieces to give the home that warm and "lived in" feeling.

We aren't going to differentiate a ton in this list between these different subcategories or nitpick about which one we think is best. We think all of these styles are beautiful and have their place!

This AMAZING 3 Wick Cinnamon Vanilla Soy Candle

Via Goose Farms Dry Goods

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We believe that the scents and smells of your home play a big part in setting the mood and adding to the cozy feel! And nothing smells cozier to us than this delicious Cinnamon Vanilla candle! It's a three wick, 100% natural soy candle that is poured in small batches right here in the US!

It has a wonderful smell that reminds us of a warm kitchen with mom baking cookies, without being too overwhelming with the vanilla or sweetness.

Click here to get this 3 wick candle on sale today!

This Classic Wooden Entryway Bench

Via Wayfair

Click here to shop this bench on sale today!

Benches are definitely a staple in the farmhouse design, especially in modern farmhouse style! And we love this open slotted-back black wooden bench! We think this would look great in a hallway or entryway, or you could even style it in your living room!

While it looks super cute, it's probably not the best for actual sitting haha, but it would look great styled with a throw blanket, maybe a coffee table book, and throw a mirror on the wall above it and you have an expertly styled space in no time!

Click here to get this bench on sale and with free shipping!

Benchwright Buffet Table

Via Pottery Barn

Click here to get this rustic buffet table on sale!

It's no secret that Pottery Barn is a wonderful place to find pieces that fit the rustic farmhouse and modern farmhouse looks, even if it is usually out of our budget! When we were browsing their site, we absolutely fell in LOVE with this rustic buffet table!

From their Benchwright collection, this table would go great in a hallway or dining room! Plus, it's up to $400 off right now!

Click here to shop this table and more from Pottery Barn!

I'd Smoke That Kitchen Towel

Via Goose Farms Dry Goods

Click here to grab this funny kitchen towel for 40% off!

While eating meat and raising animals isn't necessary to achieve and enjoy the farmhouse look, most people who are drawn to this home decor style also enjoy the farm life and enjoy some meat, at least every now and then! That's why we love this BBQ inspired funny kitchen towell. This kitchen towel is sure to make your family and guests laugh each time they walk into the kitchen.

Click here to get this towel today!

Aleph Striped Crock Vase/Container

Via McGee & Co

Click here to grab this cute farmhouse vase/container today!

We love basically everything that McGee & Co releases, and this crock vase/container is no different! We love the simple style and the earth toned stripes. This is perfect for a country farmhouse kitchen! Or you could use it to display florals throughout any room in your home!

Click here to check it out and more from McGee & Co!

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