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Clean Home, Happy Home: Cleaning Tips for a Tidy Home

The old proverb says, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” The saying is true but sparing time for daily house cleaning proves to be a tough job.

By Eada HudesPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

The old proverb says, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” The saying is true but sparing time for daily house cleaning proves to be a tough job. Daily house cleaning is a drag but it doesn’t need to take away all of your leisure time.

House Cleaning Plan

Your house cleaning job will become easy with good management. So we will help you to decide upon a plan to get rid of the cleaning task and relax!

Start with the bedrooms.

Bedrooms are the most important and the most cluttered rooms in a house. Many people consider making bed insignificant in comparison to cleaning the whole house. But count on us—tidying the bed makes a difference. Vacuum the bedroom floor regularly, the bed once in a while, and curtains and blinds once in a month. This will keep the dust in your favorite room at bay.

Put the bed sheets in the laundry at least once a week. To keep your windows ever shining, there are many window cleaning equipment for sale that you should try.

Tip: Use olive oil to bring back the shine of your furniture. Vinegar can be used as glass cleaner.

Move to the living room.

If you feel that your house is untidy, the cluttered living room can be the reason. Begin the cleaning procedure by dusting the blinds, fans and windows. Follow a policy for your living room—if you don’t need it store in or remove it!

Start cleaning from one corner as you dust the counter tops. Vacuum the flooring in the end. Also, vacuuming is a good option for carpet or soft flooring. For marble, tiles or other hard floorings scrubbing or sponging still remains the best method.

Use steam mops or hardwood cleaners to make your job easier. They are recommended over the traditional mops for quick and efficient work.

Tip: Use scented candles and sprays to keep your living room fresh. Do you think that your house requires washing instead of the regular dusting and vacuuming once a month? Try the cutting technology for water fed window cleaning pole.

Kitchen calling

Keeping dishes clean will give you a sanitized kitchen. Strictly avoid piling of utensils. Dirty utensils can be a source of water borne diseases. Clean the counters with vinegar mixed with water. Clean the meal preparation area on alternate days. Your refrigerator should also be cleaned once in 10 days.

Cleaning the dishes with warm water makes your job easier and lowers the possibility of attack by disease causing microbes. If your stove has removable burners, scrub them as well.

Pay attention to the cleaning and servicing of your electric appliances. This will ensure their longevity.

Tip: If your glass utensils have been stained, dip them in lukewarm water with vinegar for five minutes. To bring back the shine of your cookery utensils pour a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Regular laundering

If you have two to three members in your family you might opt to do laundry every alternate day. But if your family comprises of a greater number of people, it is better to do laundry on a daily basis. Piling up clothes for weekends is a bad idea.

Wipe the sink.

Wiping the sink may not sound so important to you. It hardly takes anytime so clean your sink of all the trapped wastes or spots and stains. So shine it every day. You can also instruct your family members to keep the sink clean. This group effort will contribute to the lowering of your workload.

Use floor mats.

Using floor mats has many advantages. The mat traps all the dirt and dust. It never allows your floor to be in direct contact with them. This keeps your floor clean and also maintains your floor for a lifetime. With floor mats you can also save your floor from damage or scars.


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