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Changing Your Life

Change into what they really want in life. The stereotypes they fall into are called life.

By EnsenadaPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Changing Your Life
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Most people want to change their life for the better. Most people don’t like the job they have or the lifestyle that they want. A lot of people aren’t even in the career they want. Most people don’t have the income they would like to have. Most people are stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out or change their current life to the one that they truly want. The rut they are stuck in is called life.

People get caught up in life with having to make money to pay bills and support a family. Before we know it 10-15-20 years have gone by and we look back and wonder where the time went and that we are nowhere near where we would like to be in life personally and financially. How did I get into this job when it is something that I really don’t like and never planned on doing with my life. What went wrong? How do I fix it? How can I change careers now when I have bills and a family to support? I can’t take a cut in pay to start something new and changing careers takes time. I have to go back to school and take time away from my family and then we would have to cut back on our lifestyle and we can’t afford to do that. I guess I will just keep plugging along being unhappy but at least I am making good money.

How many of you have said that to yourself. We are really not taught how to plan our life. We are not taught to set goals and if we are how to achieve them. So we find ourselves at this place in life and we are really not happy. It starts to affect our life and the lives of the ones around us. It wears on you subconsciously and we start to feel trapped without even knowing it. We start to say and do things that we don’t like and we don’t know where that is coming from.

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Our subconscious controls us more than most people know. Our subconscious does not know reality from unreality. Throughout our lives we train our subconscious to believe certain things about us. We train it for our likes and dislikes and our beliefs about ourselves. This is called our Inner Game.

For example, we might believe that we are not a good salesman. We see someone else as being good but not ourselves as a good salesman. Our subconconscious now believes that we are not a good salesman and will put up roadblocks to support that belief. This is just one example.

We also talk to ourselves constantly. It is a natural thing to do. We get lost in our own thoughts at times. We criticize ourselves or praise ourselves depending on the situation. This is called our self-talk. The more negative self-talk we have with ourselves the more our subconscious will believe this. On the other hand the more positive self-talk we have the more our subconscious will believe that. We need to control our negative self-talk to train our subconscious to get what we want and to train it for the beliefs we want.

Another mistake a lot of people make is they are not focused on what they want. Most people tend to focus on what they don’t want. An example would be I feel like I am coming down with a cold or I hope I don’t get a speeding ticket as I am late. Well, guess what. When we say something like either one of those statements then we are now focusing on what we don’t want and we start to attract those very things we don’t want.

Try saying something like I know I will arrive on time without incident and visualize yourself getting there on time without incident. Even if you feel a cold coming on say to yourself I am healthy and feel great and visualize yourself feeling healthy and going about your daily routine. We attract more of what we are focusing on.

There is a lot more to the Inner Game. For the sake of keeping this article short I just touched on a few of the things we can do to make a change in our life that we want. There are a lot of different techniques that we can use to accomplish the kind of change that we want both personally and financially.

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  • JoAnn Ryanabout a year ago

    Great article. Change for the better takes a lot of practice and mental focus on goals, for sure! Thanks for the reminder.

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