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Causes of bad breath:

Causes of bad breath:

By Health tipsPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Causes of bad breath:

Bad breath:

The human breath consists of very complex substances with different odors, which can create bad odors that lead to the appearance of bad breath, and the presence of this problem is common among all age groups. As 50% of society suffers from bad breath, and mouth odor results from the release of volatile compounds that result from pathological and non-pathological causes, and their source may be in the mouth or it may be from another source, and despite the multiple causes of bad breath, 90% of Conditions originate in the mouth.[1] Bad breath may be an occasional problem or it may be chronic.

Causes of bad breath:

Bad breath has many causes, the most important of which are:

Lack of attention to oral hygiene; Neglecting to clean the mouth and teeth leads to the accumulation of food debris in the mouth, which in turn forms a layer of plaque, and thus the appearance of bad breath.

Some types of food, such as garlic, onions, some types of cheese, fish, and acidic drinks, in addition to coffee, all lead to the appearance of bad breath. It is no secret that other foods, even if they do not cause the appearance of bad odor, what is stuck to the teeth leads to the growth of bacteria and the production of bad breath. Bad breath. Also, a diet that contains a small percentage of carbohydrates prompts the body to burn fat to produce energy, leaving behind compounds called ketones. These ketones have an acetone smell similar to the smell of fruit, and the production of ketones in the body gives the mouth odor.

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Smoking and chewing tobacco; They lead to the creation of chemicals that give the mouth a bad odor, in addition to their contribution to the occurrence of oral cancers and gum diseases, which in turn produce a bad odor from the mouth.

Some types of diseases such as sinusitis, sore throat, pneumonia, colds, influenza, tonsil stones, oral thrush, bronchitis, kidney and liver diseases, stomach diseases, esophageal reflux disease, in addition to diabetes.

Dry mouth, as the lack of saliva production in the mouth leads to bad breath. Dry mouth results from a defect in the salivary glands, or a problem in the connective tissue such as Sjogren's syndrome. Also, breathing through the mouth leads to To dryness.

Mouth infections; Gum infections and tooth decay lead to bad breath.

Some types of medications, such as antihistamines used to treat allergies, as well as diuretics.

Orthodontics and removable dentures. In the case of orthodontics, food residue collects around the wires, and if they are not cleaned well, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn gives a bad odor to the mouth. As for dentures that are large and inappropriate for the person, they lead to the appearance of infections and ulcers in the mouth. Which in turn gives the mouth a bad odor.

Other reasons include the presence of a foreign body blocking the nose, usually in children. Other reasons also include alcoholism and taking large amounts of nutritional supplements and vitamins.

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Symptoms of bad breath:

To know whether there is a bad smell in the mouth, a person may feel its presence himself, or someone may inform him of the presence of the bad smell. The person may also know about the presence of the smell by noticing the large distance that people are keen to keep between them and him, and one of the most important symptoms and signs of the presence of a bad smell is Bad breath is the feeling of bad odor coming from the mouth, in addition to other symptoms such as a bad taste. In the mouth or a change in the taste of the mouth, in addition to dry mouth and the presence of a white layer covering the tongue. One of the ways in which one can test for the presence of bad breath is for the person to lick the inside of his wrist with his tongue, then wait for a few seconds until the saliva dries, and then smell the area. Whether it emits a bad odor or not.

Treating bad breath:

Treatment for bad breath depends on the underlying cause, and among the procedures that help in treating bad breath are the following:

Brushing your teeth regularly and periodically, in addition to cleaning them using dental floss. It must be noted how important it is to clean your tongue to get rid of the bacteria that collect on it.

Refrain from smoking and chewing tobacco.

Maintaining mouth moisture by drinking large amounts of water and chewing sugar-free gum. This is to prevent dry mouth.

Use mouthwashes that reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth.

If the cause of bad breath is due to any disease, these diseases must be treated.

If one type of medication is behind bad breath, the option of replacing the medication with another is discussed with the doctor.

Home recipes that help get rid of bad breath include: Chew mint or parsley leaves.

Bad breath in the morning:

The presence of bad breath when waking up is due to the accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth at night. Which leads to the appearance of bad breath, in addition to the fact that some people breathe through their mouths at night. Which leads to dry mouth, thus making mouth odor worse, and saliva production almost stops during sleep. Which leads to the proliferation of bacteria and the appearance of bad breath in the morning. This condition is considered normal and exists in all people.

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