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Can one knife do the work of eight knives?

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By Udeshini KumarihamiPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

The Ulu knife is a highly decorative knife developed over thousands of years by the tribes of the Arctic region. In this article, You can gain knowledge about the special features of this knife as well as the technical aspects of the knives.

The Ulu Knife, which was well known among tribes of the Arctic region, immediately became famous everywhere. This knife has a special place among utility knives with a single blade. The most unique thing about this knife is that there are eight knives hidden inside this knife.

The dimensions of a typical Ulu knife are as follows,

Thickness - 3mm

Length - 11_12 inches

Width - 4-4 1/2 inches

Diameter of the hole - 1_1 1/4 inches

Weight - 250g

(These values may vary depending on the work the knife is used for.)

This knife has a good grip and an ergonomic handle.

Traditionally the ulu was made with a caribou antler, muskox horn or walrus ivory handle and slate cutting surface, due to the lack of metal smelting technology in the Arctic. The handle could also be carved from bone, and wood was sometimes used when it was available.

The modern ulu is still often made with a caribou antler handle but the blade is usually made of steel. The steel is often obtained by purchasing a hand saw or wood saw and cutting the blade to the correct shape. Ulu knives are often homemade, but there is also an industry of commercially produced ulu knives.

The eight knives hidden in this single knife are:

1. Manna knife

2. Chef knife

3. Broad hand knife

4. Harvesting knife

5. Skimming knife

6. Eskimo knife

7. Rescue hook

8. Fish knife

This is the speciality of this knife. This is why it is called a utility knife.

How To Use A Ulu Knife (Depending on the work it is used for it can vary a little bit.)

The ulu knife is used very simply. It has a strong handle that allows it to be implemented with one hand to facilitate the work for many things and to satisfy those who prefer to use only one hand to make cuts without much effort. It can glide across things and surfaces with ease and its curved blade stays sharp and intact for a long time without requiring ongoing maintenance.

The most effective method to sharp A Ulu Blade

The Ulu knife has only one beveled edge, and only that edge should be sharpened. You can use a wet stone or 400-grit wet/dry sandpaper to sharpen the edge. Apply light pressure and rotate the blade along the sharpening surface. Once fully sharpened the beveled edge should look polished. If a burr appears on the non-beveled edge, use the sharpening surface or a leather strap to gently remove it. Use light pressure only.

It has become so popular in today's world that even cutting boards are manufactured for this knife. One side of this cutting board is curved and the other side is flat. Sometimes when we are chopping things on a regular cutting board it'll just kind of go everywhere. But this curve in this cutting board will keep things more controlled.

This knife is designed in such a way that even a very thin paper can be cut sharply. But like other sharp knives, this one doesn't blunt on quickly.

As the distance between the center of rotation of a knife and the center of gravity increases, the effort that we have to give increases. But In this knife, the center of gravity and the center of the rotation coincide with each other. So we can easily handle this knife. That means it has a good dexterity.

So this is actually a versatile knife.


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    THATS a cool knife!

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