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Best Tips to Cure Fever in One Day

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By RisanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Best Tips to Cure Fever in One Day
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Fever is the heat produced when our immune cells fight against germs in our body. In fact, if we get this fever, we don't need to panic at first. Because only when this fever comes, the bacteria in our body will get rid of it. But if the same fever is high then we have to take proper medicine for it. We will see about it in this post. In this post we can see about the medicines we should do and take for fever vandal.

Natural Method:

The biggest mistake we make is that we often buy over-the-counter medicines for any problem. This is why we still get unwanted side effects. If we use the home remedies followed by our forefathers, our body will get relief soon. And we don't get any side effects. For this we can use food items in our house as medicine.


Knowing the medicinal properties of Tulsi, our forefathers have grown Tulsi plant in every home. This will be a perfect remedy for our fever. For this we should put some basil leaves in water and drink it after 10 minutes. If we drink it 3 times a day, our fever will be cured.


Many of us hesitate to drink water when we have a fever. The reason for this is the fear that cold will turn into fever if you drink water. But that fear is unnecessary. When we get fever, it is very important to drink water to reduce the heat. So it is good for us to drink water when we get fever.

Liquid foods:

Digestive organs in our body do not work properly when we have fever. So we should avoid eating solid foods and eat foods that can be digested quickly. For this it is good to eat foods like fruit juice and porridge.


Pepper is an excellent remedy for fever. For this, if we take pepper and 2 cloves of garlic and mix it with honey in water and drink it, our fever will be cured. Also if we take equal amount of pepper sukku and tippili mixed with honey and drink it, we will cure fever. If you take it and boil it in water, cool it and drink it, it will cure the fever that lasts for a long time.


It's a method we all know. But instead of ordinary massage, dipping a cloth in vinegared water and applying massage to our forehead cures our fever.

olive oil:

Olive oil and garlic are the best home remedies for our fever. For this, put some garlic in olive oil and boil it. Then apply this on our feet and cover with plastic or woolen cloth. Leave it overnight. By doing this we can get relief from our fever.

dry grapes:

Dry grapes are an excellent remedy for fever. For this, take some dry grapes and put them in boiling water, after a little water, take the dried grapes and filter them. Then if we mix it with lemon juice and drink it, our fever will be cured soon.

Soup type:

Hot coffee tea should be avoided during cold and cough. Alternatively, you can drink dry coffee by mixing suku, jasmine and coffee powder. Children should be given soup.

Boil and mash the drumstick stalks and filter it. Season it with cumin and add garlic cloves. Add pepper and a pinch of salt. Add coriander leaves and mint leaves. If you are small children, you can add coriander and mint juice and drink it. Vegetable soup can be avoided at this time. Instead, you can make soup with moringa and duduvala, which break the mucus. Drink lukewarm.


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