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Best Tips to Cure Dry Cough

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By RisanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Best Tips to Cure Dry Cough
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Our environmental impact often causes us problems in some way. Especially in today's era we are suffering greatly due to our polluted environment. As the climate changes, our environment also causes changes in our physical condition. When we go outside, more pollutants enter our body, so it stays in our lungs and respiratory tract and makes us cough. Let us now see the remedies for such a dry cough at home.

Causes & Symptoms:

First let's see what causes this dry cough. There are many reasons for dry cough. The most important of which is due to the pollutants around us, and any pollutants in our respiratory tract. It also occurs in people with sinus problems. If we have this dry cough, our throat becomes sore. And our body will be weak and more tired. With this we can find out the symptoms of this dry cough.

Natural Method:

There is no need to immediately consult a doctor or buy over-the-counter medicines when this dry cough occurs. Our natural system is the best for this. This is because there are no problems that cannot be solved by our natural system. And because we use this natural method of medicine we do not experience any side effects.


It is one of our ancient natural methods. It has been a great relief for this dry cough ever since. For this we should mix some turmeric powder in milk and drink it warm. Doing this will cure our sore throat. Also prevents coughing.


A very easy remedy for our dry cough is basil. Tulsi contains high amount of anti-oxidants and anti-bacteria, so if we eat a little bit of this Tulsi every day, our cough will be cured. And if we put it in water and boil it and drink that water, we will get relief from sore throat and cough.


The vitamins in honey are the best relief for our dry cough. It is also a good soothing medicine for our throat. For this mix one teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and 5 teaspoons of honey. Then heat this mixture and drink it warm. Doing this will cure dry cough.

Masala Tea:

Anise and bark should be put in a little water and boiled well, then honey mixed with it for taste and drinking that water will cure our sore throat and cough. Otherwise, adding some ginger to the boiling water and drinking it will cure our cough.


Onions are high in sulfur. It has the power to clear our cough. So if we take some onion juice and drink it with honey, we will get a solution for our cough. We should drink this mixture 3 times a day.

Henna Leaf:

Take some henna leaves and boil it in water. Drinking this water 2 times a day will cure our cough.


Soak some almonds and remove their skin and make a paste. Then mix butter and honey with it. Drinking this mixture twice a day will cure our dry cough.

Cardamom – 5,

Honey – 2 spoons.


First take honey in a bowl. Grind the cardamom in a mixer and strain it. Add 1/4 pinch of cardamom powder to honey. Now mix honey and cardamom powder well. One spoon should be taken 3 times a day. Cardamom dissolves mucus and expels it.

Some more instructions:

Take some cardamom and put it in your mouth before going to bed at night to get relief from dry cough.

Drinking a little apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of warm water will cure our dry cough.

Mix pepper powder with ginger paste and drink it with honey to relieve dry cough.


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