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Basic points to design a garden

Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Garden Design

By Muhammad SirajPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Basic points to design a garden
Photo by Ignacio Correia on Unsplash

If you ever wanted to have a garden like the ones seen in landscape magazines, we will tell you that it is possible, you will only need a little time and know the basic points to design a dream garden.

When we refer to the design of gardens we are talking about a very interesting and very broad topic. Today we will talk about some basic aspects that must be taken into account when we are going to face the design of a garden.

A very important point is not to do the design in a hurry, on the run. To obtain the best results, the ideal is to take all the time in the world, observing and studying what are the best possibilities for the space that we have available in our home.

Establish the zones you want

Any well-designed garden should have different areas. What experts in the field advice is to have a lawn area, an area where you can enjoy the shade (which can be created by a pergola or an area under the trees), an area where you can enjoy from the sun, a corner for reading and another where plants are the real protagonists.

If you like to draw you can make a plan or sketch separating the different areas, if you cannot make the drawing mentally, the important thing is to know what space will be allocated for each purpose.

In specialized stores you can buy all kinds of accessories to complete the decoration of your garden, you can place a bench, greenhouse, sculptures, umbrellas, pergolas, arches, gates and thousands of other things to beautify your space .

Species that you should plant

If you want to have a very beautiful garden, you can keep in mind to place some trees, shrubs, rose bushes, lively, aromatic plants, cacti, succulents, aquatic plants, fruit trees and vegetables.

Although it is true that you will need an investment of money, it is not necessary to buy everything together, within your possibilities you should think that it is not an expense but an investment, since this space can be enjoyed by the whole family and in meetings with your friends .

One of the great advantages of gardening is that it can be adapted to all budgets. In some cases it will be necessary to level the ground or carry out some masonry work. Always buy young plant species, if you learn to multiply the plants the money you will invest will be almost nothing.

In the event that you are going to make a garden in phases, first you will have to place the hedges and trees, in addition to the basic infrastructure pieces.

Many consider that the design of a garden is never finished, that you can always add more details, such as a pond in a certain place, a greenhouse, more exotic species.

If you have small children or pets, you should choose a lawn that is strong enough so that they can play on it without damaging it.

Thinking about garden maintenance

When you are planning the design and style of the garden you should keep in mind the maintenance it will need, this can be low, medium, high. Think about whether you are going to dedicate yourself together with your family to their care or if the budget allows you to hire a gardener, who at least carries out the most routine and boring tasks.

If you do not have time for more maintenance, avoid placing hedges and borders, since they will require at least 5 pruning a year. Lawn also requires some care and pruning. So that fewer wild plants come out, we advise you to place black anti-weed mesh between the plants, so the beds will look much neater. If you want to place a plant you will only have to make a cross-shaped cut on its surface.

Think about the species that you are going to place based on the irrigation they need and the subscriber. Some plants lose a lot of leaves, which will have to be picked regularly, a time-consuming task.

And finally, we will refer to another very important point that you should take into account when designing a garden, we will refer to the style you want to achieve. You can choose a tropical, Arabic, Mediterranean, Japanese garden, etc. and it may be that you want to have a garden mixing different options .

When choosing species you should also evaluate the soil, in the case that it is limestone you should avoid placing hydrangeas, gardenias, azaleas or plants that require soil with an acid pH. In the event that the soil is of very poor quality, the ideal is to place a little topsoil forming a layer of approximately 15 centimeters.


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