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Anger destroys brilliance

Control your anger for delight

By Nosheen IqbalPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Anger destroys brilliance
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When I get angry about anything, I feel my brains out and I feel the fire.My heart wants to break things, to cry out loud, to destroy everything I often ask myself if I hear something angry, can I handle it normally or should I just get angry?

So the answer is yes, you can solve it comfortably.

Anger is a tough and natural human feeling indicated by wrath, umbrage, frustration, or loathing in response to a perceived menace, mistreatment, frustration, or provocation. It is one of the basic emotions that humans experience and can exemplify in various ways, both emotionally and physically.

People express anger in different ways, from vocal expressions like shouting, yelling, and swearing,

1. To physical actions like beating fists and hitting doors.

2. Non-verbal signals like facial expressions, and body language.

Our mental and and physical health can affected by negative thoughts and anger. Through this negativity, we can increase our stress and anxiety, we may suffer from cardiac problems, and our immune system will disturbed. If we face a disturbed digestive system, may we feel muscle pains and we can't sleep well with these physical problems.

When you encounter strong sentiments like anger, the body's reaction is activated, which can lead to physiological changes that affect your thoughts and decision-making abilities.

Strong anger can lead to hasty behavior, causing you to say irrational or do things without assuming the consequences. When you are angry, you are unable to articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly, which leads to misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Dealing with anger effectively

  • You feel anger increasing, take a moment to break and take a few deep breaths. Deep breathing can help manage your physiological reaction to anger.
  • If possible, step away from the situation of your anger temporarily. This can help you cool down and think more plainly.
  • Humor and music is the best way to reduce anger. Get yourself to listen to music and turn your attention to humor to relax.
  • If the source of your anger is a specific issue, work on discovering solutions rather than staying on the problem. Concentrate on what can be done to address the situation constructively.
  • Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation are great ways to reduce anger. sometimes find that if I exercise regularly, I feel much calmer when I'm angry. Because I feel all this I have done in exercise like rapid heartbeat, sweating, and moving my hands and feet.
  • Cultivate the habit of forgiving. You will feel inner peace. Forgiveness and letting go of past grudges can reduce the emotional burden that contributes to anger.

we can be successful in all aspects of life if we handle our anger because controlling anger is like a skill. We need to control our anger not only for our health but also for our loved ones. Our mental illnesses are linked to it. So, learn to stay calm in any situation and then reduce the mental health risk factors you may face.

I realize sometimes, If I control my anger, I will be able to convey my point well to others. I will never be alone, everyone wants to communicate with me. Because communication plays an important role in various aspects of life, like personal or professional and social life.

You can resolve conflicts and differences through effective communication. This is extremely valuable if one wants to support a team, play a leadership role, or present ideas to someone. When someone really controls his anger, people see him as an emotionally mature person.

The ability to manage anger in a healthy and productive manner is incredibly valuable and can guide to more favorable social dealings and connections.

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