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All Of Your "Important" Goals, Achievements and Success Are Nothing But a Bad Joke

by Jonathan Peykar 2 months ago in crafts
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You think you're so smart

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash. Edited by the author

The stupid parrot downstairs squawks again.

It's that time in the morning when he's the noisiest, while I'm still trying to get my shit together for another day.

I like my job and the life I built for myself. But somehow, I still ended up frustrated.

I eat my routine Omelette. Routine.

The stupid parrot squawks again. Like every other morning. That animal just doesn't know how to do something else.

Logic and parents say I should be totally happy by now. I got my own apartment, car, and a good day job. AND I go out with girls quite constantly.

What can a bachelor ask more.

There's something comforting in a warm shower. I take one.

Another squawk from the animal. Reminding me of the somewhat boring routine I have.

Or is it just my boring life.

I used to dream about what I have now. Yet I still have too many days filled with emptiness. It's not like "I made it" or something. I live in a bedroom apartment and drive a mini car.

Stupid parrot. 

Seven years of chasing the wind (see also: goals) make you realize:

If you don't get what you want, you lose. If you do get it, you also lose.

You can't win this game.

It's like arguing with an idiot. There are no winners here. You think you finally got what you wanted, and then the horizon gets a little bit further away from you. I can tell you to set your goals and go make money. Go get some ass. Go travel the world. Go make something out of yourself. All valid.

Yet I'll still set you up for disappointment.

The Paradox Of a Goal

Goals suppose to make your life "better".

And maybe they do make them "better" in the long run, whatever "better" means. But the trick is, with goals you can't relax. 

There's always something on your mind that you need to get done. Most of your week is a rush. Most of your day is a rush. A rush towards another day full of parrot squawks, clients that get on your nerves, and you being a slave for your instincts like SeX.

Chasing SeX is the worst.

You're in such a hurry, nothing is more important than your goals. You'll slay anyone or anything trying to stop you from being productive and completing your daily tasks.

Your friends will wait for next week to go out together. Family time seems like a waste of time. Nothing is more important than your stupid goals.

You're stressed out. For what. For a goal.

False Gods 

Exhibit A: Internet gurus who tell you to hustle all day and sleep 5 hours a night. 

Then we got Exhibit B: Motivational speakers who tell you to "get moving!" but forget to tell you where. Finally, Exhibit C is you. The idiot falling for all this crap.

Some of these false gods are 45 and look 60. 

The rest make a good impression at first, then it turns out they have some suspicious intentions. I stopped following their advice a long time ago. A tiny percentage have good intentions, I believe. A tiny percentage. The advice most of them give can easily lead a person on the wrong path. I stopped following their advice a long, long time ago.

A parrot, a parrot you can at least trust. A parrot doesn't hide anything.

All You'll Be Left With 

Boredom. And emptiness. And grey hairs.

Chasing another goal, and another one, and then the next goal. You think you're smart. You think you're so smart, you're ahead of the curve. You think society won't make you a mouse on a wheel.

They won't lock you in with their mortgages. With their loans and credit cards. With their idiotic Instagram lifestyle. With the stupid travel culture telling you to take a vacation every four months to "see the world."

It's only a matter of time.

It's only a matter of time before they'll get you with their "self-improvement" content. You'll have stupid Tony Robbins wallpapers on your new iPhone. A stupid wallpaper. That's all you'll be left with.

You'll join their book clubs and buy their online courses. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two. Like you teach a parrot. Just before they'll upsell you with their next course. "You need this", they'll say. "You NEED this". All you'll be left with is their online courses. Make sure you keep your login details.

The stupid parrot downstairs squawks again.

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About the author

Jonathan Peykar

I mix storytelling with life lessons I learned. I spent millions on marketing different products and years approaching girls in bars.

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