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Advantages of Online Shopping


By Syed ImranPublished 4 years ago 3 min read


This article describes the benefits of online shopping, especially during the Covid pandemic. It also explains what contactless delivery is and how it works. It also introduces readers about advantages online shopping comparison.

During the times of Covid-19, when most of the countries applied lockdown to control the spread of corona virus, people were advice to stay at home to stay safe and implement social distancing at all the time.

This pandemic led to boost of the use of E-Commerce Shopping websites for purchasing from daily groceries to electronics, household appliances, furniture, clothing and footwear and everything you imagine without leaving a foot out of the house.

According to various surveys online shopping trend has exceptionally increased during the pandemic days and it will keep increasing as work from home, social distancing, avoiding public places becoming a norm.

During this pandemic bricks and mortar retail business slowed down drastically. Therefore, many Omni channel retail organizations started shifting towards digital channel to survive.

There are various benefits of online shipping such as verity of products accessible not only from the same city or country, but also from anywhere in the world.

Online shipping is easier and safer as the consumer can shop for almost anything without stepping out from the home, which saves time and money, and most importantly lack of interaction reduces the risk of spread of Covid-19 Virus.

Decision making purchases are a lot easier in online shopping as the customer can check the reviews from real customers who bought the same product.

Customer can view Product descriptions, prices, guides and usage videos online prior to buy the product.

Contactless Delivery:

One more change observed in this pandemic is the contactless delivery which initially started by China followed by other countries.

Contactless delivery is a new method which is replacing traditional delivery practices with additional advantage of safety and hygiene. It is initially difficult to setup but in the long run is very beneficial.

The process allows the customer to place an order using online payment options like Debit/Credit cards, etc. The Delivery person drops the ordered item at customer’s designated area or at doorstep and leave. Then the customer picks up the item without getting in contact with the delivery person.

Contactless delivery allows customers to stay at home and stay safe. By not directly contacting the delivery person, reduce the chance to spread the virus for both the customer and the delivery person.

This safe and hygienic method promotes the business opportunity to interact with the customer directly via digital channels.

Always Available:

Normally physical stores that open and closes at specific times, with the exception of some of them offering 24/7 service. While online shopping store are always on, without any break. So you can visit it any time, any device (Like Smartphone, Tab, PC/Laptop) and from any place without moving a foot.

Online Tracking:

Online delivery tracking is another advantage of online shopping. Where you can not only select the delivery day and time, but can also track the status of your ordered product.

Comparison Shopping:

Comparison Shopping is also one of the most useful benefits of online shopping, as the user can easily search and compare product, price, brand and website side by side to choose and decide which product to buy. If fact many online Shopping comparison searching websites exist with the sole purpose of empowering consumers to search and compare products side-by-side and buy from the best. Some of them are Pricespy, Spideroo, Pricegrabber from where customer can search compare and shop their desired products from millions of products, provided by hundreds or even thousands of sellers.

Online shopping is the way to go for now and it will get more and more convenient and user-friendly in coming future.

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