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Home Improvement with different Types of Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors

By Syed ImranPublished 4 years ago 3 min read


This article provides brief information of common mirror types, which can improves the functionality as well as adds an element of decoration for the home.

Mirrors have a long history of use both as household objects and as objects of decoration. Have you ever noticed a full length mirror can makes the room look larger than normal? This is one of the many features of mirrors, which creates depth and enhances beauty to your home, without damaging the budget. If placed correctly, mirrors can enhance light and create depth in the area. Mirrors are an affordable way to decorate or add functionality to your home. So, how to select the right mirror for the right place? We are giving here some of the common mirror types, which not only improves functionality, but also adds an element of decoration to your home.

Acrylic Mirrors:

Acrylic Mirrors are newer type of mirrors that are not made of glass (Yes! You read it right, NOT made from Glass!); in fact, they are made using acrylic or polycarbonate material.

Acrylic Mirrors are lighter in weight and can be curved or bent, unlike glass mirrors. They can withstand the impact and does not crack or shatter like glass, making them ideal for places where safety comes first.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors are essential fixtures of every bathroom. From brushing the teeth to combing the hair, they are necessary for checking out the appearance before getting out of the bathroom. Apart from showing your reflection, bathroom mirrors enhances lights and adds style to your bathroom.

Dressing Table Mirrors

If you don’t have dedicated dressing table with your furniture. Don’t worry; just add a mirror with compact table. It will transform it into a functional dressing table with mirror.

Floor Standing Mirrors

Floor standing mirrors are also called free standing mirrors. They provide dual functionalities. They can be placed, where view of head to toe is required. Also, for narrower or smaller space areas, they can add style and extra depth to the place.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors as the name suggests, magnifies the object to make it seem bigger and clearer. These mirrors come with varying magnification level from 2x to 10x and above. Magnifying mirrors are mostly used for makeup where close-up of face is required to apply the makeup flawlessly.

Mirrors with lights

These mirrors come with lights to brighten the focus object. They are mostly used for makeup. Some of them are standalone, while the most mirrors with lights are installed in dressing room and bathroom.

Ornate Mirrors

Ornate Mirrors are decorative mirrors, which comes in different shapes and sizes with dense designed frames. Ornate Mirrors are decorative mirrors used to enlighten and expand the area, beautifully.

Geometric Mirrors

These mirrors come in different geometrical shapes from simple shapes like square, rectangle, round and oval to complex geometric shapes. The simple shaped mirrors are commonly used anywhere in the house, mostly for their generic use. While complex shaped mirrors are placed mostly for decorative purpose.

Vanity Mirrors

Vanity Mirrors are used for makeup and hair styling. They are both wall mounted or portable. Many Vanity Mirrors are equipped with integrated LED lights with dimmer to adjust the light according to the need.

Wall Mirrors

The latest trends in decoration show that decorating walls with mirrors is a practical necessity. Wall Mirrors are mounted on the walls. These come in different shapes and sizes. Their function is purely decorative, which is to beautify the area.

We have provided the brief information of common types of mirrors. The reader can make decision of buying the mirrors, considering their budget, space and the purpose they will be used.


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