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A Quick Guide On Supplements Expiry & Shelf Life

by icelandirect 2 months ago in health
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Vitamins and supplements can expire with time. Read through to learn the potency and shelf life of vitamins!

Firstly, if you are asking about vitamins and supplements’ expiration, they do expire, but not in the same way that food does. Food expiry dates are implemented for public health and safety because many perishable products become harmful after they expire.

Supplements Expiry & Shelf Life

There are several regulatory bodies that appoint laboratory teams to validate any expiration date they assign to a product, which means they conduct a study on the raw materials and test the product during its shelf life to ensure 100% effectiveness through whatever shelf life is printed on the bottle or box.

Let’s start with the meaning of expiry dates.

What is the expiry date?

An expiration date is the last day on which an edible product, such as food or supplements, will be of the best quality. Furthermore, there are big variations between food and medicine expiration dates.

Apart from considering the shelf life of multivitamins or supplements, you should also maintain its storage as per the directions. The storage environment can be a cause to limit the shelf life.

Do supplements expire?

Yes, supplements expire, but this is due to their efficacy and quality rather than safety issues. The date on the bottle is considerable. This expiration date should serve as a guide, and it was ascertained scientifically.

With time vitamin supplements lose their potency. Because of factors such as potency, health risks, and bacterial progress, all supplements have a shelf life. However, the shelf life of each supplement varies.

What is the normal shelf life of vitamin supplements?

Well, In contrast to prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, the FDA does not necessitate the shelf life of multivitamins or vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers on the packaging.

There are companies that purposefully include a “best before” date on the lid or label. However, vitamins are usually safe to consume after their shelf life.

To ensure that consumers should receive quality products, expiration dates on vitamins and dietary supplements are incredibly conventional. Avoid using vitamins that have crossed their expiration date for better results.

Taking an expired vitamin or supplement is unlikely to have major side effects. There have been no recorded examples of illness or death caused by expired vitamins as of yet.

What are the ground rules to store any supplements?

If your supplement does not need to be refrigerated, follow these guidelines to maintain its potency and efficiency:

  • Store supplements at room temperature in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep the bottle tightly locked at all times.
  • Place it away from kids and pets.
  • Protect them from getting into direct contact with sunlight.

What should one do with expired supplements?

Check the packaging for instructions on how to properly dispose of vitamins and supplements. In general, liquid supplements can be drained down the sink, while solid supplements should be thrown away instead of flushed down the toilet.

Moreover, never through them as it is, always ensure to cover them in the paper. For bottles and boxes, they can get recycled as well.


Hence, vitamins and other supplements lose effectiveness with time, and the expiration date can imply when this potency has been reduced significantly. Even so, they are not typically toxic.

It is advisable to avoid taking expired supplements. You can also discuss expired supplements with your healthcare provider. However, there is no such thing as extending the life of vitamins and supplements.

Be vigilant with the shelf life of your vitamins and supplements!


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