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A Guide on Switching to JUUL

by Alica Knopwood 5 months ago in how to

Using JUUL to Quit for Good

A Guide on Switching to JUUL
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Have you been considering switching from smoking to an electronic cigarette but don’t know where to start? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to talk about the JUUL electronic cigarette, otherwise known as a vape stick or pen. Armed with the facts, you will be able to decide whether JUUL is the best option for your lifestyle.

About JUUL

With no buttons or switches on the JUUL Device, all you have to do is insert a JUULpod. Additionally, various flavors and nicotine strengths are available. As such, JUUL is one of the easiest paths for smokers looking to move away from traditional cigarettes.

To enjoy a flavorful hit of nicotine vapor, simply take a pull of your JUUL device like you would smoke a cigarette. JUUL devices vaporize leaf tobacco e-liquid into a cool smoke-like vapor that’s smooth, sweet, and satisfying. There are no additives, lingering smoke odors, or hassle.

The History of JUUL

The entire JUUL brand was actually started by former cigarette smokers Adam Bowen and James Monsees. In 2005, Bowen and Monsees were grad students at Stanford University. There, they decided to come up with an innovative smoking alternative. In time, they would develop a range of smoking cessation devices.

After various trial and error processes, they would eventually create the JUUL we know today. However, before JUUL, these two masters of innovation created many other products. The first was called Ploom. Later, they created the Pax vaporizer device for cannabis and loose-leaf tobacco. By the time they founded JUUL, they had enough experience to ensure its success.

The JUUL Brand Today

By 2017, JUUL was the most popular e-cigarette brand available in the United States. Today, JUUL sales still make up around 70% of mainstream electronic cigarette sales. Suffice to day, JUUL is an extremely popular option for smokers looking to switch.

This is for a few reasons. For one, JUUL devices are extremely easy to use. Also, they’re compact, durable, and produce powerful and satisfying nicotine vapor hits. Finally, JUUL mods are relatively inexpensive.

JUUL Device and Pod Options

Not only are JUUL devices affordable, rechargeable, and user-friendly, but they also come in a few different styles. Furthermore, you can choose from JUUL mods in a range of stylish colors. Plus, JUUL pods come in various nicotine levels and flavors.

Since JUUL pods come in varying nicotine salt levels, you can optimize your JUUL vaping experience. For example, if you smoke heavily, the 5mg nicotine salt level is ideal. From there, you can work down through the pod nicotine strengths until you’ve completely kicked the habit.

The JUUL Starter Kit

The JUUL starter kit is an amazing solution for those who are new to vaping. Apart from the fact that it’s easy to use, it comes with everything you need in a compact package. In short, you’ll get a JUUL vapor power mod, and two 5mg strength nicotine pods in menthol as well as tobacco flavors. Also, a USB charger comes included with every JUUL starter kit.

Consequently, if you’re ready to switch to vaping, using JUUL is a great option to consider. In addition to their convenient kits, JUUL devices and replacement pods are very easy to purchase online. Therefore, if you know where to shop, you can get amazing bulk discounts on JUUL pods.

Buy JUUL at Discount Prices

If JUUL sounds like the right option for you, it’s easy to shop for a JUUL Starter Kit. In fact, all you have to do is click the link! From there, you’ll be taken to a top-rated seller of JUUL devices and other premium electronic cigarettes. On top of that, when you buy in bulk, you’ll save even more!

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