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A Fully-Fledged Guide Comprehending Bigpond Webmail Login Process

Here full steps to login Bigpond email.

By Aleena GhosePublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The service is clearly administered by the Telstra group and is primarily located in the United states. Another important update is , you are no longer using the Bigpond webmail service as you can simply crosscheck on the other sites such as mail spring and the outlook express service and much more to count on . Now these sites offer a variety of options alongside and the best part is you are anyway available on your desktop even if your internet vanishes away .

Now before hitting onto any service, you must know the settings , or else you will not be able to use the service wisely .Beneath I will be mentioning the Bigpond webmail settings , make sure you understand it properly so as to avoid any kind of glitch while you are accessing the Bigpond platform.

Bigpond IMAP Server

  • While using the server make sure you mention your complete email address under the section of IMAP username .
  • Also mention your big pond password which you lastly mentioned in under the tag of “imap password”.
  • Keep in mind that it is well encrypted by SSL .
  • Perhaps mention 993 as IMAP port number.

Bigpond SMTP Server

  • While using this server make sure you mention your full email address under the tag of “smtp username”.
  • And similarly, your big pond mail password under the tag of “smtp password”.
  • It is fully encrypted by SSL .
  • The smtp port number is 465.

Now once you have learned about the service successfully you are now eligible to login to the service and use it accordingly. Now so as to login to the service you are supposed to mention the steps ofTelstra Bigpond Webmail Login . Give it a clear reading and don’t miss at any step .You can simply take advantage of the service through the sign in page and Telstra option , it is totally up to your will whichever you would want to go for . The steps are as :

  1. Start by visiting the homepage which reads out as a webmail sign in page .
  2. Just keep in mind that you have your Telstra email along with your password .Don’t leak out your password to anyone from a security point of view.
  3. Having done so make sure you mention your email address and the password in the tab and keep it intact with yourself .
  4. If you miss out on your credentials then you may update the settings and the password will be directly entered when you open the homepage anytime in future.
  5. If you have missed out on your password then simply hit on the link which would allow you to reset it further.

This is how you access it through the webmail sign in option .

On the other hand, if you wish to do the same by Telstra , you may switch to it , read it out loud . The steps are simple and clear.

  1. Start by signing into the main homepage of my Telstra with your email id and password . Make sure you fill in the right details and don’t leak your credentials information from a security point of view.
  2. Having done so make sure to hit on the webmail option on the top of the homepage .
  3. After completion of the process you shall be taken to the inbox section of the homepage .

You may then hit on the bookmark section and the next time you try opening up the page it is going to become easy for you to access the service in a short span of time. Make sure you give this blog a good read and don’t miss any important facts . That’s it you are good to go .For more related content hit kindly visit emailspedia.


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