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9 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends and Family This Easter

Make Easter more than just another day on the calendar

By Rejoice DenherePublished 2 years ago 5 min read
9 Fun Things to Do With Your Friends and Family This Easter
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Here are 10 fun things you can do with your friends that'll make Easter more than just another day on the calendar.

1. Have an egg painting party

The concept of painting eggs is simple; get your friends together, find an egg-shaped object (pardon the pun), grab some paint pens or even colored watercolor paint to customize your eggs, and have a blast while they're still in their shells before they head off to be hatched (or not).

I was inspired by this video from the Good Housekeeping magazine.

2. Put together an Easter themed picnic

If you're not a fan of Easter egg hunting, why not try your hand at making the perfect Easter picnic? All you need is some nice weather and a group of friends. Here are some tips to ensure it goes without a hitch:

Look for the perfect spot. It's important to find somewhere with plenty of space and shade – we don't want any sunburnt bunnies!

Decorate your basket. This can be as simple as sticking on some bunny ears or more complicated like painting it with flowers.

Buy some nice food and drinks. We recommend getting items like sandwiches, mini-eggs, scones and hot cross buns – but any meal that can be eaten by hand will do.

Make sure you have somewhere to sit. A blanket or tablecloth will work just fine.

Invite your friends! It's no fun doing this alone.

3. Go on an Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is an easy way to get the whole family involved in a fun activity. Adults can hide real eggs around the house and children can look for them. If you don't have any children, you can still make it interesting by having a prize for the person that finds the most eggs. Whoever finds the most eggs also has to buy dinner or drinks at the pub!

4. Host a brunch

You'll need two things to host a brunch:

An egg recipe you enjoy making, and some friends who are willing to get up early on the weekend.

In addition to eggs, you should also provide biscuits, bacon and some kind of fruit salad. These dishes come together easily if you buy them from a catering company. You should also have orange juice, champagne and coffee available for your guests.

For more fun, ask everyone to bring an Easter basket that they can fill with chocolate as they leave at the end of the day!

5. Have a bunny themed photo-shoot

Bunnies are the official mascot of Easter. So why not have your squad pose for a bunny-themed photoshoot? Go all out with bunny ears and make your own bunny masks to wear. You can creatively use props to give your photo an Easter theme.

For bonus points, have a competition to see who can come up with the best bunny-themed photo!

6. Make bunny shaped pancakes

Heat your pan over medium heat and grease with a small amount of butter.

Get out your pancake recipe, or if you are feeling particularly lazy, get out a box of pancake mix.

Instead of pouring the batter into the pan in circles (which will not make bunny shaped pancakes) use cookie cutters to form the batter on the pan. You can also just free-hand it if you’ve got skills.

Flip your pancakes when they start bubbling and cook until they are fluffy gold bunnies.

Eat plain or decorate with fresh fruit and other toppings!

7. Decorate the house

Decorating can be as involved or as simple as you want. It can be done inside, outside, or both, and it can also be done with a theme or without one. You could make your own decorations, buy some new decorations, or borrow them from friends. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a fun way to get together with friends before the holiday itself begins, why not host a decoration party? Decide on what kind of decorations you want. Once you decide on the decoration theme and how long they will stay up for, then it is time to gather materials.

You can make your own decorations from scratch like cute paper Easter eggs if you’re feeling crafty and have time on your hands. Or if you’re short on time but still want some homemade decor, maybe ask everyone to bring an Easter item that has sentimental value to them and display those items around the house.

Another option is to go out and buy all new materials if money is no object! Most stores start selling Easter related items early enough in advance that there is plenty of time to pick up a few things before the actual holiday arrives (and remember: most stores offer an online shopping option too!).

A last option might be borrowing some decorations from neighbors or family members who are out of town; asking nicely shouldn’t cost anything except maybe some gratitude!

8. Do an "Easter" or "Spring" related activity

Dye chicks. If you live near a farm or have friends who do, see if they'll let you dye their chicks! To dye them, mix up some non-toxic tempura paint with water and place the chicks one at a time into the mixture until they're fully submerged. Then take them out and set them down to dry on an old towel. Voila!

Go to a flower festival. The best way to celebrate spring is by getting outside in nature, so why not go check out your local flower festival? Enjoy the sun while seeing all sorts of pretty flowers and listening to music. Don't forget to wear sunscreen!

9. Take part in some sort of religious ceremony

As with most of the activities on this list, the level of importance you place in this activity will depend on your faith and personal preferences. If you’re a person of faith and you want to attend religious services for Easter, search online for local churches or other houses of worship in your area. Many churches are offering online services that people can watch from home.

This may also be an interesting experience if you have a friend who is religious but you don't have any faith yourself. Your friend will appreciate it if you go to their church service with them!

Doing these 9 things will make for a fun filled easter with your friends or family, get it done. So go ahead. Be the person who doesn't need a reason to be happy.

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