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8 mind blowing websites you dont know yet(Literally)

Mind Blowing websites that help to minimize your effort

By HazimPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
8 mind blowing websites you dont know yet(Literally)
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# 1 QuillBot — Rephase your sentences

Quillbot is a tool that allows you to change the format of your original textbook while maintaining its original meaning. You can use it to make your emails more professional or writing a blog like me. also, you can check your textbook's alphabet and use features like theco-writer, summarizer, and citation creator.

Link https//

#2 Mixkit — Free means for videotape editing

Get absolutely free accoutrements for your videotape design, similar as free videotape templates, stock vids, sound goods, and music. Just choose the kind of asset you want and start downloading.

Link https//

3 Tinywow — Convert any document

It's a really helpful tool that may address any train- related issue( literally). like editing PDFs, incorporating PDFs, unyoking PDFs, compressing PDFs, removing backgrounds from images, exporting PDFs to Excel, Word, etc. There are presumably hundreds of them, which will save you time.


Link https//

#4 Guerrilla Mail — Disposable TemporaryE-Mail Address

Have you ever set up yourself wanting to use a website or app's service but not wanting to give your particular dispatch address? This is where you have the capability to act thanks to guerrilla correspondence. shoot and admit emails from a website- handed arbitrary dispatch address. Really accessible and helpful, so bookmark it.


Link https//

#5 Water memorial

Through your Chrome web cybersurfer, admit announcements to stay doused . Setting the frequence, type of memorial( audio, visual, or both), and music for the audio memorial are all customizable options. For convenience, customizations can be synced between different cybersurfer cases and saved.

#6 Microcopy — Short textbook for your website

Find taglines and captions for your website, and you can also find a tonne of expressions that you can use in your apps to give announcements and dispatches a more polished appearance.

5 Ground Rules for Writing Strong UX Microcopy

Let's consider the basics of creating a strong and efficient microcopy:

Rule 1: Make every word count.

If you can live without a word or two, keep them short so they don't distract users from the main message, which is to take action and convert. But don't just "shrink" your copy so that it goes unnoticed by readers and doesn't convey what you want to say.

Principle 2: It must be concise, clear, usable, simple (CCAS).

The words you use should convey your message clearly, with no room for confusion. It should also be concise so that users can effectively perform the desired actions. Avoid using complex terms or complex words. Get straight to the point and use simple words that users can understand effortlessly.

Rule 3: He must be a guide, not an obstacle

Evaluate if the text you wrote helps you achieve your UX design goals. Microcopy is UX design's best friend because it supports users in so many ways. Customers can easily navigate your product with just a few words, phrases, and phrases to help them take action and achieve their goals. In addition, it increases the confidence of consumers who are hesitant to use the product.

Rule 4: It must be user-centric.

The user is always at the center of your writing efforts, so you should use "you" and "your" often when writing. Additionally, you need to write with empathy and care for your customers.

Rule 5: Write for friendliness and a positive emotional response.

Create surveys to engage with your customers and ask which actionable terms caught their attention or what emotions a particular term evokes. Remember, the term "Kit-Kat" has become very popular in Japan because kitsu katsu means good luck in Japanese. The words you use can have a big impact on how consumers interact with your product or brand.


Microcopy is a concise writing style that helps users quickly complete tasks on your website or app without interruption. Your tone should match the brand's voice, and its style should be consistent with all other text on a website or app. It must provide relevant information to consumers at every stage of their journey. Microcopy describes things precisely and concisely, taking into account possible points of failure. Contextual microcopy also ensures maximum guidance without compromising user interface or design.

disney watchword from microcopy

Link https// — find your coming favorite book.

Confused on what to read? Then you can get book recommendations from top authors and businesspeople. You can find and get to know about any book, so do check out.

Link https// — You Write, Jenni Completes

Jenni Ai is a tool to bus-complete your rulings to help you write long papers or emails in a shorter time. You can check it out for free, still you have to subscribe up first.( You can use Guerrila Mail mentioned over).

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