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8 Decorating Tips This Holiday

by Mary Adeola Scott 5 months ago in how to
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Deck the Halls with What You Want To...Fa la la la la, la la la la

8 Decorating Tips This Holiday
Photo by laura adai on Unsplash

The holidays are just around the corner, with Christmas songs blasting from every speaker.

Somehow, however, you don't know how to start decorating for the holidays. Not to worry, here are seven easy tips to aid your holiday decorating process.

1. Pick a Theme

Like we said, decorating for the holidays is a process. And just like every process planning is the first stage. So pick a theme(s), if you so please. White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Santa's Village, Green and Red everywhere. Whatever theme you chose determines what you will buy and how you will decorate. Remember that you are not limited to just one theme, you can pick more than one. This gives you variety and helps save costs.

2. Shop Off-Season

The best part about planning ahead is that you can get your shopping done ahead. Even with the price drops around the holidays, holiday decoration is priciest around the holidays. So your plan can help you shop ahead. Now that you know what you want all you have to do is keep an eye out and get it whenever you see it, even if the holiday is still far away.

3. In with the Old...

Holiday decorations are available before the holidays, but during the holidays they are everywhere. When they roll out the new ones you have never seen, it may be tempting to buy every new decoration as they hit the market. But before you buy any new decorations, go through your old ones. You don't want to buy that tiny golden Christmas tree for your coffee table and find out you already had it stored away in the garage. As soon as the holidays roll by, don't forget to pack up old decorations and store them in airtight containers to avoid pests getting into them.

By Element5 Digital on Unsplash

4. It's Craft Time

The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones, and crafting is a great way to do this. Cook a nice meal, open some wine or juice for the kids and invite friends and family over for a wonderful crafting session.

5. Remember the Nose

Just as eye-catching decorations are important don't forget the nose. Scents are actually the most memorable feeling. Isn't it funny how you remember what your mom smelt like when you were ten but you may not remember what she looked like? So, as you decorate your home for the holiday, don't forget the nose. Add nice scenting decorations for people to enjoy. Buy a few holiday-themed scented candles and just burn through them as the holidays wind down.

6. Give Each Room a Moment to Shine

Yes, the desire to pick one theme and stick with it throughout the house is strong. But don't forget to give each room a moment to shine. It doesn't have to be anything major, just little decor pieces to liven up the space. It can be as simple as a festive pillow or a centerpiece for the dresser.

7. Bring the outside In

While we may go overboard decking out the halls with boughs of holly, let's not forget to deck the porches, front doors, yards, or whatever outdoor area we have too. You don't want your outdoor area devoid of festive cheer, do you? You don't have to go overboard, a beautiful wreath on the front door can be enough. Lights strung along the porch look pretty too. Windows can also be made look festive with simple red bows or whatever color fits into your theme. If this is your forever home, you might consider planting a Christmas tree or trees in front of your house or along the walkway. It will be nice to watch the tree grow with the kids. But whatever you do, don't forget to add some holiday cheer to your outdoor space too.

8. Essentials First

When you want to decorate for the holidays there are a few essentials that you must not forget. A tree, either fake or real, tall or short, just has a way of lighting up the room. Don't forget the lights, it may be terrible for your light bill but pretty to look at. A simple wreath for the door can be all the festivity you need. Garlands for the staircase, long dining tables, and even along mantles are a must-add. Centerpieces for your tables also bring in warmth and tie in the themes well.

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