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7 Traditional Ways to Celebrate Lohri This Year

by Laxmi Rana 6 months ago in list

ways to celebrate Lohri this year

7 Traditional Ways to Celebrate Lohri This Year
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The festival of Lohri is one of the most commonly celebrated festivals in the Northern parts of India. It marks the end of winters and is celebrated largely by the people of Punjab and Haryana. The glorious day of Lohri is observed a night before Makar Sankranthi in the month of Magh and this occasion involves a Puja Parikrama around the bonfire. It is the day to spread the happiness and people organize party on the night and enjoy the whole night by singing, dancing and eating delicious food. Traditionally, it is the day that is believed to welcome the sun to the northern hemisphere. Like all the other festivals, Lohri is celebrated by exchanging beautiful Lohri gifts online among people.

The festival is primarily celebrated by Hindus all across India and Sikhs. Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January every year to worship fire. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zest, especially in the Northern Indian region. Some of the traditional ways to celebrate Lohri this year are listed below.

1. Vibrant decor

Lohri is an auspicious day when people express their feelings and emotions to one another by presenting gifts and Lohri gift hampers. This year, make your Lohri celebration unique by using traditional lamps, painted earthen pots, colorful pinwheels, bangles to add colors and joy to your celebration. These decorative ideas will add an authentic touch and feel to your party décor.

2. Fire Balloons

Lohri festival is all about the bonfire, so make balloon décor that will resemble a bonfire. Purchase red and yellow color pipe balloons for fire and brown color balloons for the wood.

3. Desserts

No Punjabi celebration is complete without sweets and desserts. They are excellent Lohri return gifts too. Raise a toast to winter favorite desserts and sweets like Kheer, Gulab jamun, Phirni, rabdi jalebi, etc. If possible you can try to get someone to make piping hot malupus and serve it with rabdi. For sure, your guests will love it!

4. Personalized Lohri gifts

This is one of the best Lohri gift ideas that you could ever present to some special. Presenting personalized Lohri gifts for your near and dear ones will give meaning to your festival celebration. Express your love, hearty wishes, and care to your special ones in all parts of India by sending personalized Lohri gifts at their door steps.

5. Hay

This year, make your Lohri celebration special by using hay for décor. Hay is commonly seen in all parts of Punjab and it is one of the cheap and traditional decorating ideas. Decorating your homes and other places with hay will help you to balance out the outburst of color. You can hang it or keep it around in bunches, or stuff clear bottles with it, make hay rolls and other creative shapes out of hay, etc.

6. Flying kites

Kite flying is a common activity of the Lohri festival. No doubt! Celebrating Lohri through kite flying is a mode of enjoyment for youths and kids, but be careful because there are changes for birds to get through the plastic kite strings.

7. Pooja thali

The festival of Lohri is around the corner and you might be searching for the best gifts to present to your dear ones. With plenty of gifts for the Lohri festival, a pooja thali with all the essential ingredients is a great gift. A wide range of accessories along with a pooja thali is available in all physical stores and online stores. If you are looking for great gift women then this would be an excellent choice.

Bottom lines

All over the country, people celebrate this big day by lighting up a bonfire and singing the traditional Lohri songs. Presenting gifts is also an essential part of the festival as it is a gesture of love, happiness, affection, and best wishes for one another. So, enjoy this Lohri in its full swing by exchanging thoughtful gifts.

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