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7 Steps in Handling Waste According to ISO 14001 Australia

ISO 14001 Certification Australia

By ISO R US Pty LtdPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Be it general pollutants to hazardous chemicals – it’s no news that organizations produce waste. But how they handle this waste is what defines their compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. If not disposed of properly, the waste produced by organizations and industries can have harmful, even fatal, environmental effects on humans. This is why the ISO 14001 standard in Australia considers waste management as a crucial aspect of the certification.

In this article, we’ll explore a 7-step waste management procedure your organizations can and should follow for proper waste handling.

The 7-step Waste Management Process for ISO 14001 Certification

While ISO 14001 doesn’t exactly prescribe the process for waste management, we’ve compiled a list of 7 steps you can consider to ensure your compliance with the standard. All the way from evaluation to proper disposal, the steps help ensure that you are fit to achieve the ISO 14001 certification in Australia.

1. Evaluate

What type of waste are you dealing with? This is the first step to waste management for the ISO 14001 standard in Australia. You first have to evaluate and assess whether your waste materials are harmful or not, and whether its handling is subject to any legal restrictions. You’ll need to ascertain this information to treat the waste properly.

2. Store

Now that you know your waste type, you’ll need to store it appropriately. Different waste types might have different requirements in storage facilities. Waste could be in both forms – solid or liquid – thus, it is vital to store it in appropriate conditions. Hazardous waste, particularly, should be stored in robust, leak-proof containers that are always kept in check. These containers should also be impermeable enough so that the waste doesn’t seep out.

3. Label

While non-hazardous waste doesn’t require labeling, waste containing hazardous material needs to be properly labeled. In order to obtain ISO 14001 Certification in Australia, all your hazardous waste should be tagged with the words “Hazardous Waste”, accompanied by a clear description and physical characteristics of the contents.

4. Transport and Dispose

If you create waste, you’re responsible for its disposal. You need to make sure that your hazardous waste is transported and disposed of safely. Make sure that the transporter that handles your waste holds a necessary license and hazardous waste identification number.

5. Plan for Emergencies

To apply for or even maintain your ISO 14001 Certification, you must have a proper contingency plan in place. Working with hazardous waste is a sensitive task and can lead to emergencies which your organization needs to be prepared for. For example, it’s important to establish an appropriate emergency response system in case of spills and leakages.

6. Train Personnel

All employees involved in waste handling, storing, or managing should undergo proper training to ensure ISO 14001 compliance in Australia. From the hazards to safety procedures, each personnel should have clear knowledge about the specifics of each waste. Consequently, the training programs should cover everything– from the basic waste management procedures to other roles and responsibilities.

7. Keep Records

Maintaining proper documentation serves as proof of your adherence to protocols regarding waste management procedures. It can help testify that your waste materials are stored as per the guidelines. Thus, it’s important for you to carefully log all your waste streams by type and quantity to demonstrate full compliance with ISO 14001 standards.

Key Takeaway

Following such standardized waste management protocols not only brings you closer to the ISO 14001 certification but also demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility. Attaining the ISO 14001 certification in Australia can amplify trust amongst your stakeholders, open new markets, and even boost your industry reputation.


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