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5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Don’t think of money as an indication of success, think of something else.

By Dalmy AlvesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Freelancer
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If we think of money as an indication of success in life as a freelancer, this is already the beginning of failure.

Because you can be able to provide a service and get paid for it, another thing is for you to provide a service, get paid for it, and be contacted whenever the same customer thinks of you.

Did you see the difference?

Don't sell your services anymore, sell solutions!

Don't sell your skills anymore, sell transformation!

Money doesn't keep people close to you and let's get to the first step.

Don't sell service

This was covered at the very beginning of my story but let me give you an example with Apple.

Did you know that there is a high possibility that most people who buy the latest Apple releases are not using the potential of the technology in their hands?

But do you know what's interesting about this? Although they don't have deep knowledge of what they have in hand they will always buy when there is a new release, do you know why? Apple doesn't just sell a smartphone, a watch, or a computer, Apple sells innovation and identity!

Does the service you provide make your customer solve their problems after the end?

Think about it!

Have discipline

One of the things that makes freelancing life a complicated life for many is a lack of discipline.

Being self-employed is like this: you don't have an attendant to schedule and serve clients on your behalf; you have to schedule the delivery of the services, a minimum delay can compromise your name in the market, and it is difficult for a beginner to get clients, when you already have a name in the market, try to keep it, this is what will bring clients to you.

Update on trends

The worst thing about a freelancer is when you are a person closed to development and focused only on what you know, this will not make you evolve.

Connects to what is being done today, unite universes, antiquity, and current, this also works well, does a job that generates innovation.

The world is constantly changing, you know.

Be kind

Sell ​​the transformation that your product or service can generate and this is only possible by being kind, valuing the customer's interest, making them feel understood, if you can do something more, go further, give a bonus tip, give an additional service, a service that is linked to what the customer paid you and you will see that the customer returns, not just for your service or product but for the treatment, being kind is everything.

Be good at what you do

This shouldn't even be one of the steps you know why? Because it's your duty dear freelancer, be a professional.

Everything I mentioned is connected, you can't just be kind and not be good at what you do, the customer will thank you very much for your kindness and look for another one.

You can't just be professional and not be kind, just a good job doesn't keep anyone connected to you, be a kind professional.

When you combine all this, you won't be able to remain a freelancer for a long time, you'll have to hire other freelancers and when you find yourself, you've created your company, being a kind professional keeps your name in the market, there's nothing better than being recommended.

When a customer is truly satisfied, he recommends you, and this is what a loyalty network is.

With what I wrote here, there are no margins for failure in your journey as a freelancer!


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