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5 Most Effective Ways To Deal With Excessive Armpit Sweating

by Kate Brownell 2 years ago in health
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How to Reduce Armpit Sweat

Excessive armpit sweating can be highly frustrating and very embarrassing at times. Lucky for you, we have a solution!

Excessive sweating is often linked to Hyperhidrosis.

Certainly, an annoying condition that provokes the cooling centers of your body to amp up high, resulting in excess sweat.

People suffering from the condition (365 million estimated globally) are known to sweat as much as 5 times more, compared to others, says the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Above all, it's your armpits that wet your shirts the most, more often than you expect, leading to several embarrassing and irritating moments, without much respite.

From time to time, people have resorted to several methods hoping to stop armpit sweating that includes topical lotions, deodorants, perfumes, and whatnot. Some even went to the extent of resorting to surgeries to have sweat ducts in their armpits removed.

However, all these so-called remedies didn't seem to offer satisfactory outcomes, leaving people with eruptions, acne, burning sensations, and so on.

Fret not!

There’s still a lot you can do in your battle against excess sweating.

In this post, we mull over the five most effective ways to deal with excessive armpit sweat.

Use Active Ingredient Sprays

Not just any topical solution, but active ingredient sprays are known to carry special formulas that block excess perspiration.

Such anti-sweat sprays have been designed keeping in mind the need to look fresh for people who aren't comfortable with popping pills or resorting to expensive botox to help them with their condition.

Moreover, an antiperspirant has a long-lasting formula, that means you have to apply just once and not worry for up to seven days at a stretch.

Sure, the effect starts to wear out over a week, but as long it's there, it works just fine to offer maximum comfort and confidence.

Take Your Razor For A Ride

While there are a lot of myths associated with shaving armpits, it does put brakes on excessive sweating.

This is solely because your armpit hair, like hair in other parts of your body, retains moisture. In case you are fighting hyperhidrosis, shaving your armpit can help to deal with excess sweat. Additionally, it also keeps body odor at bay.

Just make sure you use skin-friendly shaving cream and a good quality razor. Also, when done, top it up with a moisturizer.

Avoid Foods That Boost Sweating

This is certainly no brainer, but not everyone seems to be aware of it.

When it comes to sweating, our diet has a pretty significant role to play.

Certain foods inherently lead your body to produce more sweat than normal, especially the ones with low fiber or high-sodium content. Such foods make way to detox salt that invariably gets passed on as excess perspiration and urine.

Foods that are known to fast trigger sweating armpits include the likes of everything that is processed, alcohol (beer or liquor), onions and garlic, spicy dishes, ice cream, and caffeine.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Sweating and clothes share a love and hate relationship.

Tight-fitting shirts and T-shirts are prone to leave sweat stains right beneath your armpits.

Thus, always go for breathable fabric and loose-fitting to help allow the circulation of air.

Doing so also helps the body temperature to regulate itself in an optimum manner.

Cut Down or Stop Smoking

Nicotine, similar to caffeine intake, raises the body temperature abruptly. With your heart beating much faster, the sweat glands switch to their overtime mode.

Besides, smoking is also known to be the precursor to a bunch of health-related and hygiene-specific issues, like stained teeth, discolored lips, disrespectfully bad breath, and cancer.

So, how about saying no to smoking to not just stop excessive sweating, but also for better living? Sounds like a great plan!

Wrap up

So, you see, controlling excessive armpit sweating doesn't have to be difficult or expensive either.

A few good choices of products, a few lifestyle alterations, and healthy habits can go a long way!


About the author

Kate Brownell

Independent Teacher, Freelance Writer, Conservationist, Eco Friendly Environment Crusader. A life hack writer by choice. Published articles on Ezines and Lifehacker.

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