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5 Interesting Home Trends of 2021

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By Silva WardrobesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The pandemic has ultimately changed everyone's living situation and the amount of time we spend at home. Our busy office weekdays have turned into a whole day cooped inside our office bedrooms and constant kitchen trips. Even our entertainment and shopping routines have constantly been online to avoid frequent trips outside. This is not the best year, but it allowed us to be more creative and make our living spaces as multifunctional as it can be.

Although we are almost a year in this kind of setting, the end to this pandemic is not visible for now. Thus, we will need to continuously live in the new normal setting. Experts believe that this will continue until the next year and so staying at home would still be the best way to stay safe. By saying so, it's not too late to organise or probably renovate your living space to accommodate a few areas that you've been wanting so long to have. To give you more ideas, here are a few interesting home trends that experts expect to be huge in 2021.

Multifunctional spaces

As we all prefer the comfort of our homes instead of going out and being exposed to danger, multifunctional spaces are expected to be a huge trend in 2021. The common built in wardrobes Sydney with shelves, drawers, and compartments can also include a small space for a tabletop in between two closet doors. This space can be your mini office area so you won't have to spend a chunk of money on another table. The idea is also best for small bedroom spaces.

Healthy area

It is not surprising that a home gym or a small area for exercising and yoga would gain more attention in 2021. Since most people have been staying at home and even gym trips are mostly suspended due to the pandemic restrictions, a lot of people recreated their free spaces to set up a healthy corner. You don't have to have huge gym equipment to set this up. If you're not a pro and you just want to keep in shape during these times, dedicating a small area for this sole purpose is a great idea. Choosing to be healthy does not need to be expensive.

Growing your food

Creating a vegetable garden has been a huge trend during this year as it is cost-effective and brings fresh produce at the same time. This setup is expected to be a huge trend until next year as people will continue to spend time inside their homes. To be able to do this, you don't need to have a large backyard or a garden at all. You can do it by putting planters in your window sills or balconies as long as there is enough sun for them to grow healthy.

Nature-inspired interior

One of the things that we don't get to see every day during this pandemic is nature. We don't get to go on vacations, go hiking and be with nature for quite some time. And so, planting is an ongoing trend all around the world. People started buying indoor plants and recreating the palette of their houses into natural colours to feel closer to nature even when they can't go out. Warm earth tones and forest colours are expected to be a huge trend, as well as wooden furniture.

Indoor and outdoor entertainment

All kinds of home entertainment are not new to us but it is expected to gain more popularity this coming 2021. Gaming and movie rooms are going to be better so the kids will still be entertained despite the pandemic. And if you're lucky enough to have a big enough backyard for an inflatable pool, barbecue area, and a lounge, that could also serve as your entertainment area.

Home-centric upgrades

As this pandemic goes on, more people are expected to choose to stay safe at the comfort of their own homes until the next year. And as we all stay at home, we are expected to make our spaces even better to accommodate all our needs and extra activities without having to go out. So, if you're one of those who want to renovate your living space, here are a few interesting ideas to help you decide.


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