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5 Creative Tips to Decorate the Fireplace (Whether It’s In Use or Not)

Tips to Decorate the Fireplace

By Daniel Medalla Jr.Published 3 years ago 3 min read
5 Creative Tips to Decorate the Fireplace (Whether It’s In Use or Not)
Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

The fireplace is often the star of any room -- regardless if it’s in the master’s bedroom or the living room. With this fact, it is only right to adorn it with some decorations to enhance this area and for it to serve better too. What’s good about this is there are even more decor choices that you can use when your fireplace is not often utilized. Here are a couple of creative ideas for decorating the fireplace.

1. Put a Display on the Fireplace Mantel

When building your dream house, one of the options that you can apply for your fireplace is to include a mantel above it. Essentially, a fireplace mantel is a shelf that can be used in decorating the focal point of the room (the fireplace) regardless of any season. Whether the fireplace is in use because of the cold season or not in use in summer, the mantel just stays there and is waiting to be adorned with fireplace decorations.

There is a lot of space available for a wide variety of decorations in the fireplace. You can arrange some figurines on top of it or you can also hang some Christmas decors on the wall space during the holiday season. All you have to do is pick a theme to help in narrowing down your decor choices to help achieve a cohesive and beautiful look.

You have the advantage of using the display as a valuable addition to your interior design style in general and you can change and update it when the season changes. As mentioned above, this part of the room is perfect for holiday decoration.

2. Put Every Inch of Fireplace Storage Available into Use

Since a fireplace mantel is a shelf, this place can be used to store a lot of items. Depending on how deep and tall the shelf is, you can stuff it with action figures, some figurines, basically anything that fits inside it. When your fireplace is not in use in summer, you can also use the fireplace itself for temporary storage.

You can add more shelves on the side of the fireplace to add more storage options and extend your decor further. Of course, this depends on where your fireplace is situated. Wooden baskets and crates made from iron can also be placed near the fireplace’s hearth to make sure there is a place where you can put all the logs to be used in the winter season.

3. Add Candles to Achieve a Brighter Fireplace

Putting LED candles on the mantle can exude a warm and welcoming atmosphere regardless if your fireplace is in use or not. All you have to do is place candles of different heights and sizes to create an attractive display. If the fireplace is not used, you can extend the decoration to its hearth to make it glow in the absence of flame and extra heat.

4. Create a Small Art Gallery on Top of the Fireplace Mantel

Another great idea for decorating your fireplace is to hang some framed wall art around it. Regardless of the space above the mantle is the wall itself or part of the column of the fireplace, you’ll have a dedicated part where you can stick photos, signs, art, and more. If you’re an artist yourself, you can use this space to hang your paintings and serve as a small gallery that you can enjoy at home.

5. Choose an Interesting Screen for your Fireplace

Whether you’re using the fireplace or not, a fireplace screen is a helpful addition (especially when it is indeed in use). Since there is a rise in various fireplace decors, a plethora of unique and stylish fireplace screens have become available in the market too. You can pick one that’s beautifully designed and serves its purpose to enhance your fireplace decoration.

You can choose a fireplace screen that is made to look like a set of tree branches and twigs or one that looks like a glass with stain to achieve a unique fireplace look. You can also opt for fireplace screens painted in different hues like gold and silver instead of the common black or gray metal ones. On top of that, getting a metal fireplace mesh screen styled with a unique design can also make the fireplace the focal point of any room.


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