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4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Trees

by Dowling Tree Services about a year ago in garden
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Trees are as important as everything around us and we should take care of them. Learn how.

Trees provide more than just shade, beauty and tranquillity in one's backyard. They can also enhance the value of your property in the long run. However, maintaining your trees health and keeping them in shape requires a lot of work than you could ever imagine. Although, there are unfortunate times when they get sick and die all of a sudden. If that happens, you won't be left with any other choice than contact your local arborist for a tree removal Canberra service.

To avoid such incidents from happening, you should ensure the health of your tree. If you are unaware of how to do so, here are five ways to help guarantee their good health for a long time.

Know their needs

Growing and taking care of your trees is like caring for people too. To do that, you have to know the needs of your trees first. And if you aren't sure what kind of tree is growing in your backyard, you can always ask a professional arborist to help you identify its species. When you already know about which kind it belongs to, ask about if those kinds of trees are prone to drought or does it needs to be watered occasionally. Don't also forget to inquire about the kinds of disease it usually gets and what should you do if that happens. Knowing all these things and more can help you protect your tree in the best way and let it live for a very long time.

Protect their roots

Healthy roots are synonymous with healthy trees which means the kind of soil your tree is planted should also remain healthy. Why? Because the roots transport all the water and minerals from the soil to the trees. They also keep the tree in place and hold all its weight. Now, what do you think happens when your root dies? The tree will also die instantly. To avoid this from happening, here some signs that your roots are rotting.

  • poor growth
  • brown leaves
  • small and pale leaves
  • weak and decaying branches
  • thinning of the canopy
  • fungus grows up from the roots to the inner bark
  • dead areas of the trees

The easiest way to know if your roots are decaying is to dig a little near a root and check for yourself. Be careful not to injure the root itself. And if you're not confident in doing so, calling an arborist would help.

Guard the tree bark

The bark is the outermost layer of a tree that serves as its armour and protection. It is like the human skin which can be wounded and infected if you cut through it thoughtlessly. For tree barks, fungal and bacterial infections can easily seep through them if they are damaged. This can cause rotting from the inner bark and eventually, the whole tree. To prevent this from happening, you should constantly check the condition of your tree. Also, all equipment that you use on your lawn should be steered away from your tree because one accidental nudge on its bark can cause an injury on its part. Another thing that you should be aware of is properly pruning its branches that are near the bark.

Maintain healthy soil around trees

A part of taking care of your trees includes keeping the soil around them as healthy as it can be. This is because the soil surrounding your tree is like its lifeline. Without the nutrients that the soil let the roots absorb, the tree wouldn't last long. On the other hand, the leaf litter helps retain moisture in the soil and creates a good soil structure for water infiltration. Another option is to purchase mulch if you don't have fallen leaves and scatter it around your trees on a 2-4 inch layer. You can also plant other spreading root-plants around the mature tree to act as a living mulch and wouldn't compete with the mature tree.

Whatever it is about your tree that you're not very confident to do yourself, calling an arborist is the smartest move that you can make. Although we are still under COVID restrictions, several tree companies are still operating. We are following the protocols from the Australian Government including social distancing and wearing face masks while we work. So rest assured that your tree will be well-kept by trained professionals even during these trying times.


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