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4 Things that will make any man dangerous...

Become the most dangerous man...

By AadhilPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
4 Things that will make any man dangerous...
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Becoming a dangerous man is something you can achieve through working on four key areas of your life. These areas are physical power, mental fortitude, social awareness, and decision-making skills. Society will often fool you into thinking that being dangerous is a bad thing, but in reality, it is something that every man should aspire to be. It is a natural instinct to want to be dangerous over being harmless, and this is something that you can sense when you see another man walk around with an intimidation aura. There is no need for anyone to deny this innate characteristic--it is simply necessary to be peaceful. Many guys claim to be peaceful, but they are not being honest--they have no other choice than to be gentle due to their lack of physical strength. The individual who has both physical and mental toughness and decides to be dangerous is truly peaceful--neither misunderstood nor underestimated.

  1. Dangerous men......

A dangerous individual is someone who possesses the ability to effectively express their ideas. People who harbor ill intentions find it intimidating when a person can communicate proficiently. This is one of the primary reasons why God Andrew Tate faced opposition. It wasn't solely due to his kickboxing skills or wealth that threatened those in power. Rather, it was his exceptional oratory skills and his conflicting thoughts that posed a threat to the prevailing agenda. Whether you are a fan or detractor of Andrew Tate is irrelevant in this context. The truth remains that he possesses the ability to articulate his ideas eloquently and possesses a persuasive manner. Jordan Peterson, another individual with this skill, has demonstrated his ability to hold his ground in various situations where others attempt to manipulate his words. Many men underestimate the power and effectiveness of mastering this skill. In the modern world, the dynamics have changed significantly, making beta males more dangerous than alpha males in this regard. Consider the vast number of popular YouTube channels where men engage in debates, each aiming to humiliate the other. In the past, one had to be physically stronger than their opponent to make them appear foolish. However, this is no longer the case in the digital and professional realm. It is crucial to remember that survival does not depend on physical strength alone, but on adaptability. Currently, we are experiencing rapid changes in the digital era.

2. Influence.....

Influence enables the accomplishment of goals and the attainment of desired outcomes. At its core, influence involves inducing compliance and persuading others to act according to your wishes. Governments and the media possess an immense amount of influence, capable of directing the majority of people as they see fit. Reflecting on this power, one must recognize the potential impact it holds. Should they choose to portray a negative image of someone, they can manipulate ordinary individuals into developing a dislike or even taking action against that person, without questioning the information they have been fed. When you possess the ability to rally people to your side, you have the capacity to assemble an army. Regardless of how formidable an individual may be, their strength multiplies with the support of others, aiding them in their endeavors. The skill of effectively articulating your thoughts also plays a significant role in influencing others and garnering their support. Numerous other methods exist for exerting influence over people.

3. invisibility......

Many individuals enjoy sharing their lives on social media. However, unless you have a private account exclusively for close family and friends or you are monetizing your content, there is little benefit in showcasing your activities and experiences. This is because others can exploit the information they know about you, making it easier to manipulate or control you. Even major platforms like Google, Twitter, and Facebook utilize the data they have on you to display targeted advertisements based on your interests. By willingly granting them this power, you limit your ability to operate discreetly. Conversely, when you are relatively unknown, you can make strategic moves unnoticed. You can compete with someone who is unaware of your existence, catching them off guard with impressive results and success. They won't have time to prepare or hinder your progress because you were operating under the radar. Consider a UFC champion standing atop their division. While they may reign supreme, there are competitors who meticulously study them day and night, dedicating themselves to dethroning the champion. The champion cannot adequately prepare for these contenders while they are specifically honing their skills to defeat them. The ability to work and prepare discreetly is a potent advantage. The element of surprise holds immense power; exploit it to your benefit.

4. Change people's perception.....

Change the way others see you by presenting yourself as weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. By appearing vulnerable, unprepared, or small in stature, you can lead your opponent into traps and manipulate their actions or responses. Underestimating you can work to your advantage. For instance, if you find yourself in a courtroom facing potential imprisonment, it would not be wise to project strength. Regardless of your innocence, it is prudent to appear less powerful. In such a situation, the truly strong individual understands the importance of seeming weak. Utilize appropriate body language to shape others' perception of you. On the other hand, when engaged in a business negotiation and desperately seeking a deal, it is still crucial to project more strength than you actually possess in terms of your business acumen. Act as if you have numerous other enticing businesses offers awaiting your consideration. By doing so, you will instill doubt in others and pique their curiosity about your hidden agenda. Subtle body language can significantly impact how others perceive you. The individual who can master this skill is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

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