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3 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams

by Jamie Costello 2 years ago in how to

Here are some top tips to protect yourself from COVID-19 scams that have risen in recent months

It’s unfortunate to think that whilst in the midst of a global pandemic, we still have many individuals out there who are looking to find it as an opportunity to scam people of their money. With more users opting to go online to do shopping, or entertain themselves it’s seen as a perfect opportunity for scammers to target more people.

Because of this, trading commissions are doing their most to make sure that people are aware of this threat. The scams claim they can help with protecting you from coronavirus, but in actual fact, this is not the case at all. It’s important that the public don’t click on these links.

To help protect you from such scams, here’s a list of advice to consider if you feel you’re coming across a COVID-19 scam.

Claims for COVID-19 cures are likely to be false

Unless stated by official organisations, claims from communications that there is a cure for COVID-19 will be false. There is much work going on behind the scenes from organisations such as WHO which are researching and testing cures for the virus. If they do, this will become public knowledge through credited sources rather than through an email sent in your inbox.

If there is any product or service that claims that it can cure COVID-19, this will be false and it’s important that you don’t follow through with the claim.

Ignore claims there’s a vaccine

It’s been speculated on the news that the possibility of a vaccine being developed for Coronavirus will take plenty of time. There are some claims that it could take up to 2 years before any form of vaccine could be visible.

Any form of advertising claiming that they have a vaccine that’s been developed that can protect you from COVID-19 should be ignored. The claims are being made as a scare tactic for those vulnerable and scared of attracting the virus and are looking to protect themselves where they can.

Avoid purchasing masks from unreliable sources

Ever since Coronavirus came into our lives, there has been a rising interest in the use of PPE. Personal protective equipment is designed to protect us from the spreading of germs and viruses that can be contracted from others.

This is classified equipment that has been tested and considered reliable for protecting people safely from such viruses. If it’s being offered from unfamiliar brands which claim that the masks can help respiratory, they are probably not. Also, try to avoid purchasing the equipment unless it’s completely necessary as the masks are well sought after.

Final Thoughts

In times of uncertainty, we’re all looking at ways to protect ourselves but we should also be aware and not force the protection on ourselves. Keep up to date with the latest guidelines and news from credible sources.

Purchasing false equipment online is unlikely to find justice through a claim made through corporate solicitors. With guidance being published on a routine basis, you’re unlike to have a claim against it.

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