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15 Lessons From 3 Books Every Grown-up Needs To Read

The world is full of books: More than 100 million different choices already exist and every day 5,000 new books get published.

By Just GoPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
15 Lessons From 3 Books Every Grown-up Needs To Read
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Most of the time, there are thousands of books on the same topic, and still, each of these books tells its own story and provides different insights. Also, two people reading the same book can gain totally different insights based on their previous experiences.

Here I want to feature three books that every grown-up should read in order to unleash his or her full potential. In addition to a short introduction to the book, I will share my top five lessons on it.

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

About the author:

Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American author. He has written over 70 books and focuses on helping you achieve your goals faster. His books have helped thousands of people on their path to self-development.

About the book:

This book will help you deal with procrastination and motivate you to start your day by accomplishing the most challenging task first.

1) Plan your day in advance

It's better to put 5 to 10 minutes into planning your day than to start with a random task. Having a plan will give you a sense of purpose and each accomplished task will give you more confidence for the next.

2) Preparation breeds progress

You will be amazed by what you can achieve with preparation. It's like being prescient and ready for whatever the future brings. The more knowledge you accumulate, the better you become, and the faster you can get things done.

3) Identify your talents

Find something you are good at and put it to use. Your aim should be to achieve expertise in that area. Leverage your efforts based on your talents. It's the best way to move quickly.

4) One step at a time

Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Do not focus on the impossibility of the task. Just focus on giving your best every single day.

5) Self-motivation is important

The motivation you get through others is only a one-time push forward. For long-lasting success, you need to work on your self-belief. Find the things that motivate you so that you can start each new morning with enthusiasm. Without motivation, you will always feel lazy and purposeless.

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

About the author:

Daniel Goleman is a scientist and an internationally renowned psychologist. He meets people across the globe to educate them about the importance of emotions in our daily life. As a journalist, he wrote for The New York Times on behavioral sciences.

About the book:

Goleman describes how emotions contribute to the success we strive to achieve, the direction we take in life, relationships, and even our physical wellbeing.

1) Emotions help you understand

You can learn almost anything, but learning doesn't help unless you can understand and put it into perspective. Feelings allow you to gain a broader understanding of the world around you. Emotions will also help your intelligence shine through.

2) Emotions are what makes us human

Without emotions, a person is reduced to the level of a machine. And in the absence of human interaction, we become solitary and depression kicks in. The ability to understand and interpret emotions is just as important as having a high IQ.

3) Understanding emotions

Humans are social beings and can't thrive in solitary existence. We converse, interact, and reciprocate based on emotions. If you're missing out on social interaction or not fully communicating your feelings, then your emotional intelligence won't evolve.

4) Understanding is the key to unity

You may have come across the phrase "unity in diversity". However, it's only possible by having high EQ (emotional quotient). If we, as individuals, are unable to understand the emotions of others, then we'll never be able to make decisions that satisfy all.

5) Empathy

IQ denotes the ability to manage your ideas and thoughts and channel them for maximum benefit. But even businesses thrive based on interpersonal relations. Unless you show empathy, not many people will be willing to work with you.

Own the Day, Own Your Life: Optimised Practices for waking, working, learning, eating, training, playing, sleeping, and sex by Aubrey Marcus

About the author:

Aubrey Marcus is a fitness enthusiast and has successfully transformed his passion into a career. In his book, he lays out his ideas about influencing change in people's lives.

About the book:

This book lines out how the positive changes you bring in a day can lead to a lifetime of benefits.

1) Water is life

If you want to have an excellent start to your day, start with a glass of water instead of grabbing a cup of coffee. Water is light, hydrating, and essential in getting you started for the day. Drink lots of water regularly to maintain your optimum level of functionality.

2) Practice breathing

Practice deep and quick breathing techniques. Both are necessary to strengthen your lungs and increase their capacity. Stronger lungs equal more stamina.

3) Cut sugar, not fat

Contrary to popular belief, fat is essential for your body. It is one of the three primary sources of energy. The less sugar you consume, the better it is for your health.

4) Take supplements when necessary

Our body, though highly efficient, cannot always sustain the needs of the routine we pursue. When you start to feel that something is lacking in your nutrition, take supplements. At an advanced age, taking supplements becomes necessary.

5) Eat healthily, eat full

Don't count the calories you consume but rather the quality of the food you eat. Your body will be able to handle your diet better if you're eating healthy.

Final Words:

I hope these 15 lessons have helped you to get a quick inside into the books. Even though they contain the most important parts of the books, they can't fully replace them. So if you want to unleash your personal growth, I would hardly advise you to get all three of them and start reading them.

Originally published at on April 8, 2021.

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