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15 Household Products That Have Multiple Uses

Quit wasting your money on single-purpose items. Make your money multitask with household products that have multiple uses.

By Iggy PaulsenPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

We can learn a lot from the way people did things in the old days, especially when it comes to finding extra uses for common household items. I mean, think about it. Did you ever wonder how people got stains out of laundry prior to the invention of modern stain remover?

Back in the day, there were was a lot more common knowledge about how to save money by using the same items in different ways. These days, it seems like most people don't even recognize household products that have multiple uses.

Maybe it's just heavy marketing work that convinced us we need a single product for every little purpose, but chances are that you could be spending a lot less money if you double-duty your items. Check out these common products that could help you stretch your dollar further than ever.

Oh, I love this stuff! It's incredibly useful and incredibly cheap. Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly used antiseptic for cuts, but it also can be used as a highly effective mouthwash.

A bottle of hydrogen peroxide can also be your laundry's best friend. If you have stains on your laundry, especially blood stains, douse it with hydrogen peroxide. The stains will lift right out. Perodixe is one of those everyday items that doesn't get enough love.

Most people use shaving cream as a shaving tool—which isn't wrong at all. However, the super foamy cream you keep in your shower can also help keep your shower clean.

Spray shaving cream on shower doors and mirrors, and you'll have the shiniest glass you've ever seen. Some people even use shaving cream to prevent frost on their cars' windows, but be careful about this. It can damage paint.

Ground coffee isn't just wonderful for your morning pick-me-up. As far as household products that have multiple uses go, it's king. You can use it to reduce cellulite, clean up vomit, and even help your plants get better soil.

Coffee is great for people who have a green thumb. Soil that doesn't have a good pH level can be aided by sprinkling a little bit of used coffee grounds on it.

Did someone throw up? Sprinkle coffee grounds on the puke. The grounds will absorb the vomit and make it easier to clean up.

Need to create a tan dye? Brew up some coffee and then soak the item that needs to be dyed in it. You can even use it for Easter egg dye.

Many models swear by rubbing used coffee grounds on their thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite, though this has yet to be proven.

Your favorite soft drink also happens to rank high among household products that have multiple uses. Coca-Cola was originally marketed as a headache cure, since caffeine often can help reduce pain from migraines.

Of course, if you need a corrosive cleaning agent to get rid of rust off battery terminals, soaking it in some Coke will work. People have also used Coke to clean their eyeglasses and even clean toilet bowls. Who knew?

If you use these around the office, you might want to take them home with you! Binder clips are great for sealing bags of chips, holding earbud wires, organizing cable clutter, and also keeping your trash bags from slipping off the can.

Pretty much anything that needs to be held in place can be clamped down with binder clips. They're one of the best office supplies to keep at home.

Ask any mechanic or construction worker, and they'll tell you that flathead screwdrivers are some of the most abused household products that have multiple uses.

Along with being used to screw things in place, a flathead can easily turn into a makeshift chisel, prying bar, or as a scraper. If you have any home projects, getting one of these is a must.

The most obvious use for rubber gloves is to protect your hand from water and grime while you're doing the dishes. However, they also can work wonders in other cleaning situations as well.

If you're trying to get rid of pet hair, grab your rubber gloves and run them along the thing that you're trying to clean. It works better than the rubber brushes designed for that very purpose.

Any list of household products that have multiple uses would be incomplete without the mention of white vinegar. This stuff works wonders in food, sure, but it also is one of the best cleaning agents out there too. This is one of those kitchen cleaning lifehacks everyone should know—you can clean just about everything in your kitchen with this stuff.

White vinegar lifts stains from clothing, can be used to deodorize smelly shoes, clears windows without any streaks, and can even be used as a hair rinse. Oh, and if you just got flowers that you want to keep fresh in a vase? Add a little vinegar to the water.

Have an old yoga mat you no longer use? Good news—you can recycle it. Yoga mats are household products that have multiple uses thanks to their naturally grippy texture.

If you have a cat, place a yoga mat under their litterbox. When your cat kicks out litter, the litter will cling to the yoga mat. When you need to clean up the litter area, just grab the mat and shake it outside.

Yes, we all know that baking soda can be used in food or as a fridge deodorizer. That's old news. Though you already probably know that baking soda is great for there's so much more it can do for your home.

One of the best ways to use baking soda is to pour it down a drain, followed with some white vinegar. Let it sit for a bit, then rinse it with hot water. This cleans out pipes and can also get rid of drain flies in a pinch.

Baking soda can also be used to deodorize feet, remove sticker residue, and quell an upset stomach. It's one of the more versatile household products that have multiple uses, so stock up.

Dish soap can help you get your glasses squeaky clean, but don't discredit it as a one-trick pony. If you toss some dish soap on your bathtub and scrub away with a clean brush, you'll have a spotless tub within seconds.

A little dish soap combined with an open container of Coca-Cola also can make a great trap for pests in your garden. Dish soap plus apple cider vinegar, on the other hand, can turn into a fruit fly trap at home.

If you have kids, then you're in luck. You can use dish soap to create DIY bubble solution in a pinch.

Coconut oil is great for food, but beauty gurus can tell you it's also a must-have for your good looks. It can be used as a body lotion, a shaving aid, makeup remover (!), and a hair conditioner—even if you have sensitive skin.

People who are looking to get lucky will also want to pick up a jar of this good stuff. Coconut oil is a wonderful massage oil that keeps skin soft, and it's even safe to use as a natural personal lubricant.

Foil works well as a food preserver and a tool to help lock in moisture for your meats as they cook. That much is pretty well-known, especially if you're a kitchen wizard.

What you might not realize is that aluminum foil is a great fabric softener. Just crumple up a ball of foil and toss it in the dryer with your clothing, then turn the dryer on. It's an easy-to-make dryer ball at a fraction of the price. Budgeting a household is hard, so cross those expensive dryer sheets and bottles of fabric softener off your shopping list.

The whole thing behind Windex's success is that it can be used to keep your mirror nice and shiny. What you might not know about this common cleaning agent is that it also can keep your patent leather looking sharp, too.

Just spray Windex on your leather, pat down with a damp cloth, and enjoy that shine.

Vodka's great as a mixed drink maker or as a straight liquor, but even people who don't drink should have a bottle at home. This humble liquor is actually one of the most unlikely household products that have multiple uses!

During World War II, vodka was used as a disinfectant in Russian hospitals. The high alcohol content killed germs and funguses. Vodka can also be used to clean leather, deodorize shoes, and keep hair shiny.

These household products will put you merrily on your way to savings galore. If you're ready to up your lifehack game even more, there are also awesome lifehacks for household tools you should check out.


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