15 Best Flowers for Your Garden

Thinking of what to plant in your yard this spring and summer? Check out this beautiful flowers!

15 Best Flowers for Your Garden
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One of our favorite things about spring, and I'm sure you would agree, is that we get to watch all of the flowers start to bloom! Whether they are wildflowers on a hike or walk, or flowers in our yard, Spring is truly a beautiful season!

But, with SO MANY different options for flowers, it can often seem daunting to figure out which ones you should plant in your own flower beds or yard. A lot of it is personal preference, and you should definitely plant flowers that will make you happy and you enjoy, as long as they will grow well in your area! However, we wanted to help a little bit with this big decision by sharing some of our favorite flowers that you can plant this spring and summer!

Before we delve into the list of flowers, I wanted to share with you some great resources if you are a beginner gardener and need some tips on how to give your flowers the best chance at growing successfully!

Check out these 5 easy steps to successfully plant flowers in your yard!

This article above has so much awesome information, but one that we think is super important is planting the right flowers in the right place. Each flower species will have different requirements. Some flowers need the sun, and others would really prefer a nice shady spot. You could do everything else right with your flowers, but if they aren't in the right spot in your yard, they will really struggle to grow and bloom!

This can sometimes be a tough challenge to overcome if your yard doesn't have a lot of sunny or shady spots, so make sure you look at the flowers before you buy them to make sure they are suitable for your home!

Click here for 21 easy flowers for beginners!

Now, let's get on with some beautiful flowers!


Photo via Garden Design

We absolutely love pansies! They are such a classic flower, and a great one for beginners! These flowers come in a variety of colors, and if you live in a warmer climate, they will continue to bloom throughout the winter and early spring.

This flower is also great to attract pollinators such as butterflies to your yard, so you will be helping the surrounding ecosystems, and you'll get to see beautiful butterflies!


Photo via White Flower Farm

I'm not sure if I've ever seen this flowers before, but they are GORGEOUS! These clematis are perfect for the summer and they can really add some great pops of bold color in your yard!

These gorgeous flowers bloom from spring through late summer, and are a fast-climbing vine. This makes it perfect for growing on the side of a garden shed or an archway in your garden.

We love this purple variety, but the clematis comes in many other colors as well, so you can really find the perfect ones for your home!

You can check out some great clematis seeds on Amazon here!


Photo via Garden Design

We love coneflowers for many reasons! One, they are quite easy to grow for beginners, and two, they just have such a classic, colorful spring look!


Photo via Gardener's World

Are these little flowers just beautiful? Not many flowers will give you this cute baby blue color, and they are also Alaska's state flower!


Photo via SFGate

The hibiscus is a classic tropical flower, and it will definitely make your yard feel like a paradise! These also bloom year-round, so they can keep your yard beautiful even when other flowers have gone dormant.


Photo via Almanac.com

These gorgeous flowers are a great option for a summer garden. They do require a lot of sun however, (full sun for at least half the day), so make sure you have enough sunlight in your backyard before your plant these. You also want to make sure that there isn't a lot of standing water, so raised beds with good drainage are an ideal spot!

Iris petals and bulbs can be toxic to pets, so make sure you are careful when choosing these for your home!


Photo via Chicago Botanic Garden

Lilcas are one of our favorite flowers! They have such an elegant look, and the way they bloom really reminds us of the abundance and new life in spring!

These gorgeous flowers bloom in late May, and only for about three weeks for most varieties.

Check out these lilac facts that every gardener should know!


Photo via Garden Design

How beautiful are these gold marigolds? This is such a fun flower to put in your yard!

Make sure to plant them early in the spring though, they can often take up to 50 days to finally bloom! But it is oh so worth it!


Photo via Fabulous Florals

Check out this gorgeous flower that looks quite like the lily! Often called the Lily of the Incas, this beautiful and unique flower is native to South America.

Along with the hibiscus, this flower is a great option if you are looking to create a tropical aesthetic in your garden.


Photo via Gardenia

We are loving the pattern of this gorgeous flower! These flowers bloom from May to August and are quite fragrant! Perfect for planters near your porch or a sitting area so you can enjoy the sweet, cover-like scent!


Photo via Proven Winners

Another blue flower makes our list, and this one is more of a true blue. We think the more colorful you can make your garden, the better! These Evolvulus flowers are definitely an excellent choice!

They are best grown in full sun, and will bloom throughout the summer.


Photo via Costafarms.com

This clustering flower is an excellent choice for your backyard! This strong flower blooms from summer into autumn and loves a lot of sun!

We think that, paired with a white flower, these could make a stunning backyard!

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