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11Tips to a happy married life

Happy Relationship

By derek joPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

Wouldn't it be interesting to learn the formula for a long-lasting and happy marriage, especially from couples who are already happily married and have mastered the art of maintaining a great relationship?

We share 11 secrets for a happy marriage that can help you work out marital problems, diffuse arguments with your partner, and build and sustain a happy union.

Whether you just got married or call yourselves "old Ball 'n' Chain," Each marriage experiences its share of highs and lows. Although it may sound cliche, the ups and downs of married life naturally include lulls and patterns of tedium.

1. Be a good listener.

We must speak. Most couples dread saying this, but did you know that if you want to have a happy marriage, setting up a forum for frank discussion is the way to go?

We emphasize this as a region of special concern for guys, even though all women should practice active listening. A listening ear is all that guys need to provide their partners all too frequently.

This is a result of their programming and the interpersonal skills they have been taught.

Keep in mind that hearing and listening are not the same. Our hearts are involved in listening. Open yours, pay attention to what she says, gaze at her as she speaks, and even paraphrase to reassure.

The fundamental secret to a great marriage—and, for that matter, to any relationship—is listening.

2. Agree to disagree

Couples that get along well don't necessarily agree on everything. Most of the couples have contrasting attitudes, beliefs, and, in some cases, opposing views on significant issues.

Every marriage should experience some level of conflict. Successful, devoted spouses acknowledged one another's perspectives and even displayed humor about their differences.

Keep in mind that one of the key principles for a happy marriage is respect. Identify two opposing viewpoints; only one of them needs to be accurate.


By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

3. Talk to each other.

The languages of love are the subject of many books. This was formed from the psychological idea that every person has a special way of expressing their love.

Metaphors can be used to convey ideas to your partner if you are aware of their interests and preferences.

You can tell what makes a happy marriage by seeing how your partner expresses their love physically.

This could involve picking up the kids or washing your car. It can include ironing his garments and maintaining the supply of toiletries. Others like words, letters, and love.

What is our guidance for a happy marriage? To ensure that you always know how to communicate with your lover, learn their love language. Although love languages are frequently discussed, couples don't always pay them the attention they ought to.

The key to having a successful relationship is to know your partner's love language.

4. Pardon one another.

One of the hardest keys to adopt can be this one, especially if you tend to harbor grudges. Along with prayer and giving grace, this key is essential.

Both of those keys are extensions of forgiveness. Breathe deeply and ask your husband's pardon for forgetting to pause and get milk. Excuse your wife for reducing the size of your shirt.

It takes time and patience with both yourself and your partner to look at them and tell them that you forgive them for hurting you in the past, but forgiveness may improve your marriage.

Yet, if you are able to forgive your partner, you can move forward together without hostility or annoyance, and the hurt from the past can start to fade.

If you can, begin small and build up to those challenging situations. This year, your marriage will succeed more thanks to the great tool of forgiveness.


5. Recognition

Lack of acceptance, a major relationship killer, is a quality that is typically associated with women who are notorious for their nagging. Keep in mind that you married your partner for who he was and is today. We are unable to alter him now, even if we wanted to.

The secret to a happy marriage is to grasp this as soon as you can.

You only emphasize his flaws or issues when you urge or persuade him. As soon as possible, shift your focus to favorable characteristics.

6. Accept accountability

One of the keys to a happy marriage is as simple as that. While you work on a project, accept accountability for your accomplishments and shortcomings.

When you and your partner dispute or argue, keep in mind that you are responsible for everything you did and said, especially if it was hurtful, careless, or caused difficulty.

7.Add romance.

Do you want to know how to make your marriage work? For your romance, stick to the basics. Try bringing her a flower one day or slipping a love note into his bag or briefcase as just two examples of romantic gestures. Give him a surprise supper, or go out to watch the sunset together.

There is no shortage of advice for married couples, and you'd be surprised at how much a little romance can improve a bond.

8. Preserve intimacy

A healthy marriage depends heavily on sexual intimacy. Therapists advise having sex on a regular basis, even if you're not feeling it.

We advise chatting about your preferences and adding any fantasy role-playing, poses, or bedroom props you may like to include to make the conversation fresh.

What good is a successful marriage if it prevents you from achieving your goals?

Life coach Giovanni Maccarrone discusses how making this one deliberate choice before getting married might contribute to a happy marriage.


9. Compliment each other.

"A smile a day keeps the divorce lawyer at bay." Compliments and daily affirmations of your partner's good qualities will go a long way in your relationships.

Have a cheerful attitude and pay attention to your partner's strengths.

Try switching gears and highlighting the positive aspects of him instead of focusing on the bad when things become tough and his less than stellar traits emerge.

10. Show each other respect in both public and private

A person can receive one of the best compliments by learning that you have been shouting their praises to others while they aren't even around.

Respect your partner by praising them in conversation when you are out and about on business or socially. Respect your partner by acting respectfully toward them both in public and privately.

If you stated you would arrive home at five, arrive at five (as often as you can). Respect your partner enough to call if you are going to be late.

Respect your partner by speaking to them respectfully when you are alone. Sing them a song of appreciation in front of your kids. Listen to them as they tell you about their day. Even if it is a small gesture, it is significant.

11. Pray Together

. One of those keys allows you and your partner to breathe together while taking up so little time in your busy days.

Pray with your partner every night before bed or shortly after you put the kids to bed and say prayers with them.

Spend some time expressing gratitude and grace to God and one another. Your emotional ties to God and your spouse are strengthened during these private times when you invite God into your marriage.


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